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Custom TARDIS Console Room mark 3

By ginovanta
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After almost a year time i managed to have another go at my personal Tardis console room;like before i went with a McGann-esqe feel but this time i was also partly inspired by Rip Hunter's "study" section of the waverider in the CW's "Legends of tomorrow", hence the adventurer/archaeologist office furnitures.

As before it is composed with pieces from free sets by the Google sketchup 3d warehouse users Matty and Jamesb6155 and by talented blendswap community users ( I can't remember the name of the authors) as well as Daz 3d Private eye office set by SloshWerks and Cybertenko's Natilus: Library set from Renderosity

P.S. Soon other views of the room,expecially of the desks wich cointan some who references i enjoyed a lot including XD

Doctor Who and related characters are a BBC trademark
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Oh, now that is *very* nice!

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*very* as in? ^D^

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*very* as in I couldn't work out how to put it in bold or italics for emphasis!

So - *very* as in VERY.

(It's really good and I like it).

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VEEERY or since i'm itaian you could go with VERMENTE

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What did you use for the general room?
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A model i found on sketchup warehouse,

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Cool, it's a great choice.
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This looks amazing! Love the design, and it looks so cozy! :D
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you mean HE ripped it off this
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i love this design, nice and cosy... 
just one question that begs asking, 
where's the door to the rest of the interior? 

it need's a small door, or open archway into a cooridor, 
or something to show access to the rest of the tardis! 

maybe the doctor has a control on the console, 
that let's him or 'her' switch the policebox-door's 
for an archway or door to a cooridor perhaps? 

what do you think? 
anyway lovely work i'd love to see this design used in the 
new series with Jodie Whitaker!
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It should be on the right wall near the trunk,on the part of wall you don't see here behind the hatstand; but i'll tell you a secret: in the 3d model i just didn't make it,that's why you don't see a detail of that side of the room on my gallery 😅
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I did credit you though.  It's gone now.
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I just downloaded it the same as any pic.  Right click, save image as.  I wasn't aware that there was supposed to be a way to prevent downloads.  
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Ther are a lot of art thiefs on the web and this is one of the few ways to prevent it;that said until you only keep them for yourself is right but i already saw you modified and reuploaded one of these on your account without asking first...
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BTW:  Art thiefs?

I wouldn't be TOO possessive of these pics, unless you got permission from the BBC to use their IP.  
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hi i am here to tell you under the law this person is protected by copyright law due to the fact it is his own creation nothing to do with the bbc it is only a tardis because he calls it one the word tardis maybe copyrighted by the bbc but not the image and it that you are taking so your IP claim dont stand i cant sell a harry potter themed shirt but i am allowed to sell a shirt with harry potter on it as long as there nothing on it from harry potter yes this is a gray area people may still try and sue you so it best not to do it but if i had my own wizard stuff on it and did not have harry potter on it they cant do nothing i can ever sell them to potter fans fair use still available to you but just reposting is not fair use google usa fair use or fair dealing uk sorry about english i already no also cod cant sue killzone because they both FPS 
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This is really nice!  I like it better then several of the recent real console rooms.  Is there a higher rez version?  I want to walk around in it!
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Well,for that you can check the different corners details i uploaded
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I'm in your Tardis bouncing around!
13th Tardis Interior 2 by ProfSai
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How did you get it??I didn't allowed download!
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oh this is just gorgeous - i want to redecorate our Questr!
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Your what?😄
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Well done! It looks very cozy :) Reminiscent of the inside of a cabin in a ship.
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