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Mr. McDonald

By ginoroberto
Welcome to McDonald's! Have a nice day!
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Why so serious?
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Must've gotten out of the wrong side of the bed.
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Ronald mcdonald:Why so Hungry?
BlazeCute's avatar
he scare me :c
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aye!!he is a monster (M)
MDTartist83's avatar
He looks like the Joker!
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Gulp! Now, you are really pushing my views on clowns! Hahahaha, nice job though, very creative!
szkageyoshi's avatar
Creepy and well-drawn~
marleey32's avatar
I think that guy was under my bed last night... Nice work! =D
SMBZrocks's avatar
What effing day are you talking about!
frapioca16's avatar
Looks like I'm eating at McDonalds from now on
LadyDemon389's avatar
O__________________________________o Creeper
DeathLee28's avatar
OMG HE'S INSANE!!! I'll have a small fry and burger to get the fuck outta here!!
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i think this is amazing but if if he had the mugshot sign it would look freaking awesome not that it doesn't already
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You would enjoy the webcomic Dr. McNinja. Ronald McDonald is like a clown criminal mastermind in it, a la the Joker.

Dr. McNinja is a doctor, a ninja, and an Irishman. Behold, awesomeness:


*pic added to my favorites
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