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squared graph paper

Squared graph paper from an exercise book.

Free to do what you will with, though I'd appreciate it if you let me know when you use it!
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Great! Thank you

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Thank for this! I'm planing on using it for the background to a piece named A.R.E.S.
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I used it in my game. Not public yet. It is work in progress.
Hello, thank you for sharing! Your paper stock is so awesome. I will be using them for some instagram and tumblr posts and will credit you. Thank you!! :) 
Thanks for nice texture. i used here…
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Used it here:…
Will continue to use for the rest! I hope that's ok. ;)
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Thanks for sharing!
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I used this awesome texture here; Thank you for sharing! :D 
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I took your paper. Not sure when I'll use it, but it's a nice reference to keep. Hope that's alright.
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Thank you Ginnyhaha, I have made a texture in Inkscape but am not entirely happy with it for use in the texturing part (Part5) of this Blender tutorial:

This looks the part! Although I will feel guilty if I don't finish my own to a fine standard.
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i used it as a widget bg, i hope you dont mind :)
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thanks for this!!
I used it here [link]
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Hi there!
I used your stock here: [link]
Thanks :')
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i really love this!
used it here [link]
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Thanks for this
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Hi there! I would love to use the great picture for the journal that accompanies our students' graduation. Of course I will add your name to the credit note. Hopefully that's alright for you!
Thank you so much! (:
I used it here . Thanks Bro/Gal
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A Google+ Page for my RPG project.
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