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Lines paper

stripy paper from my dad's old schoolbook from the 70s.

Let me know if you use this, but it's pretty much free to do what you will with :)
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thanks, I'll use it in an animation.♥️

thank you! i'ts wonderful - will let you know if/how/when I use it!

hi i will use this for a youtube banner edit. thank you!

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Thank you, i will use this for pretty much every drawing that i make.
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Ty for the free resource, used it here: [TWWM] From The Woods
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Hey, I'll be using this for my little sister's school project. thanks!
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Thank u! will use this very soon on my blog!
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Downloading, will use it probably :)
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This is brill, thanks! :D
Thanks! :) I used it for our school poster! 
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I use it on my school Project :)
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thank you for this nice paper:)
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Hi! I used your stock on this composition.…

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Hi, it's nice paper! I'm going to use this. Thanks:)
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This is a nice old style paper, I used it for this background This is the internet after all by UrbanTrickster  though I will probably use it for something that's not a stamp later on. 
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I'm going to try to use this, thanks, 
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Might use it for my portfolio. :)
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