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:iconsparklesplz:Juliet Vollan:iconsparklesplz:




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  Odd jobz

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Moonblast | Wish | Misty terrain | Helping hand


Distractible | Kind-hearted | Protective | Disorganized | Brave | Determined | Repressed | Casual

She is soft and all kinds of nice but despite all the soothing safety that her aura seems to promise you, her occasional abrupt behavior and digress of topics might startle or overwhelm you. It's almost as if her entire existence is nothing but sweets and cotton. Yet despite the soft appearance she  holds due to the sweet palette  and atmosphere, the young lady is surprisingly tough and ready to defend a person in distress even if it takes the last ounce of her strength.


Being born at the outskirts of Opalshire, Juliet became the only child of a young couple maintaining a house with a garden and small patch of vegetables, a hunter as the provider in the house.
 A beautiful place it was, yet  no matter how sweet the place looked or how perfect the couple looked for eachother... Nothing could hide the arguments that echoed through their windows and the meadow.
This was where she would be raised. Through her childhood, Juliet can only remember spending a lot of time with her mother, who in the middle of a breaking marriage, used her responsibility over Juliet as a distraction. This all led to Juliet being taken on long ventures to the woods, along with her mother of course who would secure her safety without fail, for years.
From early on, Juliet had been taken to the mother nature's cradle by her own mom, to learn of the small and larger things that mattered and made nature as wondrous as it was. Everytime Juliet's mother would weigh on the importance of life itself, the different forms  of it and how it should all be protected.
Why she would always repeat these things, Juliet could hardly understand, but with years  building up and her mother repeating time and time again, it was all almost tattooed  on her brain.
One time in the midst of her adventure within' the woods, a young lass she still was, as she made a friend of a wild eevee. Being the sweet girl with the teachings she'd received, of course she would want to treat it with care and love. She even took it home to care for, show her mother, and hide from her father. With her mother's support she further took care of it, with time even witnessing the pokemon evolve, both ladies amazed by the experience. Yet as soon as the even had occurred, the sylveon had left their house and disappeared. It caused huge arguments within' the house.
A day came where she would find the sylveon, but with offspring of it's own, newborn. Since Juliet didn't have her mother around then, she tried her best on her own to help caring for the small ones with the sylveon keeping  lead. Unfortunately, the nights were  cold by then, and there was no way for the poor things to survive, especially with the lack of expertise on their health. It was a heartbreaking tragedy, although hardly mattering to the rest of the world. Something in the middle of the pools of grief and misery shifted though, and the sylveon would approach Juliet by itself. The girl simply thought it was a means for the pokemon to seek comfort from her, so she would hug her.
Oblivious to the sylveon's intentions, she had no idea what had happened when the soft form of the living creature disappeared.
There was a voice, not her own nor her mother's...  not even her father's. She came to understand the words though, the promise that she would be protected as  a means to make up for the lost children, a gift of protection for everything she had done thus far for the sylveon. She still had no idea what was going on, nor what had happened. Thinking the fairy pokemon had disappeared into thin air, Juliet would rise, only to be startled by the sight of these odd ribbons that swayed around along to her emotions. Soon enough  came the realization of all these other features that had changed on her body...
A loud scream of a young  maiden echoed from the woods.

Juliet's mom taught well to understand the events and how to live in the new form, guiding her daughter and Juliet herself learning even more new things. Without her mother, she would have been lost and unable to do all the many things that the woman of the house had taught her... All this happened alongside of Juliet's parents breaking further and further apart though, the arguments had become worse and with Juliet having become so different from fusion, the man acted like she wasn't his daughter anymore.
Everything escalated, and eventually the mother who thrived for freedom and peace, journeyed away from the two of them, leaving a letter only for Juliet to have as a goodbye and a promise.

It was  time for her father to do his half of responsibility in raising her. A task that was too difficult for one man to bear however, especially with the great gap that had grown between the sylveon girl and her father through all the disagreements. Since Juliet was now deemed weak and fragile, she wasn't allowed to go outside alone, the forest was too dangerous, people couldn't be trusted and only hard work and strict discipline would make you ready for life.

But being her mother's girl, she would rebel. And she rebelled a lot for a long time, taking the consequences as they came, but never stopping to aim for things to be how  they should be.
At least something good came out of  her years stuck with her father. She got more involved  with other people, through doing odd jobs  that  her dad would send her to.


Likes & Dislikes

Thumbs Up Clear skies | Moonlight | Adventure | Passion | Big shirts | freshly baked sweet stuff | Affection | Nature | Black(dark anything) | Children's laughter | singing

Thumbs Down Arguing | bringing discomfort | BAD PEOPLE!! | Killing animals | Being stuck within 4 walls | Putting on and taking off her clothes, understandably | rain


The leftovers

Her hair is on a braid and tucked beneath the back of her collar.
There are also two ribbon-like feelers that come from her nape and are also tucked beneath  the topmost piece of leather  she wears, they are usually held beneath the cape for protection.
She also has a tail, but from this angle you can't see it.
Whether her sword is an actual honedge or not, remains a mystery.
Her pupils glow in the dark once gaining exposure to moonlight.
It's the sylveon's mothering nature that made Juliet so heavily mom-like.


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Aww thank you May <333
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Hm. I see that Honedge sword! :iconwantplz:
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HELL YEAH, didn't think i'd make one but she had to become one! 8) Thank you so much! high5s for sylveon
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So much pretty and darling TwT 
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THANK YOU!!! T  vT <3
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Such a cutie! I wanna kick her dad. Just a little bit.
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HONESTLY kick him all you want, i'm not on his side LMFAOOO
Thank you tho, she appreciates <3
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SHE'S AWESOME LET PASTEL PRINCESS GO OUT AND PLAY >:(pokemon gif sylveon moonblast the shit out of anyone who hurst her (future)friends
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I want her to moonblast team rocket to space
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and on a side note......i just adore how you looks so soft!
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thank u sm jecksay

THAT WAS THE SIMPLES SHADING THOUGH.... BUT I'M GLAD IT LOOKS APPEALING? I wasn't gonna add any at first so yea. I didn't want too much shading on her app pic  ' _ ' Esp cause i have other art to be making o(-<
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She looks so adorable, and I love her design. :love: 
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Thank you so much!!
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Cheers! All the love and support from here. :love:
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