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Not the best match

Oh yeah, things move really fast in college, and if you dare procrastinate, things are gonna get ugly… yep. Better work on this come 2nd quarter.

Stupid stamp, but eh :/
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I agree with this so much.

I did a 1 year course after I finished secondary school and the difference between college and school is huge @.@

Thank good I did the 1 year course beforehand because if I went straight onto a 4 year degree I would get so stressed and maybe would have dropped out.

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Makes you wonder why people even bother with college then.
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You'd be surprised actually.
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OH NO!!!!!!!! I procrastinate all the time!
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Sadly it's true. It was the same for me in high school as well. :noes:
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It holds more true for college though.
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I know. ^^; It's serious business in college.
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I have to agree with this :|
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Wait I guess time managing makes it not really procrastinating...
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Really? I procrastinate, but I time manage so I procrastinate as long as possible before absolutely having to work on whatever is due.
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Oh god, this is so true.
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