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Tutorial: The Importance of Throwaways


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Komodo Dragon 3


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Tutorial: The Importance of Throwaways


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Lackadaisy Illumination


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Lackadaisy Lacrimosa

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Sirius Black's Date

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Happyween Journal Vol.1 - Old Design

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the THIRD's right hand man

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Ghibli Men Collection: Howl

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Beauty and the Beast

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Red Sonja

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Crystal. Tutorial

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The Lonely Whale's Cry for Love

   Archive    The Lonely Whale’s Cry for Love .techgnotic ( techgnotic (      :iconharousel: harousel (      Aquarian Twitter Facebook Google+     52 Hertz Whale:     Is Anyone Out There? Each year he makes his migration south from the Aleutian Islands to a breeding area in the Pacific Ocean parallel to Central California, looking for a mate. Unlike other blue and fin whales, his more than 6000 miles a year round-trip swim is a solitary one. He does not travel along with the blues or the fins, because he is neither. He is most probably either a hybrid blue whale or he is deformed. Sight and smell are virtually worthless as

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