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He sleeps - detail by ginkoflowers, visual art

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My Bio
:wave: Welcome to my mainpage! :wave:

So... something related to my, let's say, creative side.

Like many people here, I always enjoyed drawing and painting.
I love thick, precise lines and colors that are intense, vivid and pretty saturated.
I could say I'm addicted to visual images: from Renaissance frescos to movie screenshots and photos, I'm irresistibly attracted to anything that can be seen.
I really like reading, travelling, writing, watching movies and animation films.

I'm a comic collector; comics can be considered my main hobby and passion – I'm extremely interested and fascinated by their visual language. I also like make-up and cosmetic, and always bother my friends and relatives to experiment on their faces. ;P

You'll find a good amount of Dragon Ball fanarts in my gallery, but I'm not the hysterical fangirl type, I promise. ;)
I'd even say I'm no die-hard DB fan: it's Toriyama drawing style that I really enjoy, and the curiosity for his work and for the features of some of his characters are what led me to start learning how to paint digitally.

The fact is, I always found it challenging to give my interpretation about pre-existing characters. It's a great training: deepening some aspects of them, within the limits of the original authors' will, is something very intriguing and stimulating. I also try to write detailed descriptions of my works, to help you appreciate my personal point of view on them. There's always something of me in those pictures, be it evident or not.

Fanart means, to me, a tribute to characters and authors I'm fond of; a way to show you my personal take on them, to share my passion with other people and even give them some hints of reflection about aspects they maybe didn't focus on.

During my first visits on the Internet, I found a lot of talented artists who spent – and in some cases still do -, time and energy to create beautiful pieces about the very characters I loved. They made it for personal pleasure, asking for nothing but entertaining other fans. I was still very young, and my imagination was excited by those pictures.
At that time, I still didn't know what a graphic tablet or Photoshop were, but I remember those images inspired me and kept me good company.

Now it's my turn to provide you with some material, as good as I'm able to make it.
I work hard on my pictures and always try to do my best.
Should they mean for you the slightest part of what those 'old' fanarts meant for me, it would be a great satisfaction and honor.

:bulletorange: If you're not confident with English, I also speak Italian (well, you know... ;P), German and Spanish.

:woohoo: Always feel free to ask me about anything you should feel like asking, I do love chatting and getting in touch with new people! :woohoo:

Favourite Visual Artist
Michelangelo, Böcklin, Dadds, Dalì, Moebius, Pazienza, Hugo Pratt, Crumb, Miyazaki, Don Rosa
Favourite Movies
Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, Shining, Princess Mononoke, The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons of course! But BBC Sherlock's excellent too.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
David Bowie
Favourite Books
Moby Dick
Favourite Writers
Calvino, Pascoli, Dürrenmatt, Hesse, Brecht, Dante, Ariosto, Manzoni
Favourite Games
I'm a Windows Solitaire compulsive player
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos tablet, Photoshop CS3 and CS5, HB pencil, pigment liners, China Ink
Other Interests
books and comics, art, literature, drawing, travels, foreign languages, make up

I'm alive!

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Time has come for me to give a sign of my presence here. :XD: Except for some random faving and commenting, I nearly disappeared from DA in the last weeks, so I thought it could be nice of me to write something to prove I'm not drown in books, notes and classes. ;) I've been actually quite busy lately... but fortunately I can say I have a couple of new things to share with you. ain't it exciting?? lol! ;P :bulletred: First of all, it's official: I'm finally done with a good part of my first fancomic, as I promised! As most of my watchers can imagine, it's a story about two of my favorite Dragon Ball characters, Bulma and Vegeta. I'm no hu
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Omg a picture I suggested was featured as a Daily Deviation!! :wow:

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will you show the artist some love? :icongrin--plz: :spotlight-left:… :spotlight-right:
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Tomato is...

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a fruit, of course! :iconstudmuffinplz:
a vegetable, of course! :iconcoolguyshadesplz:
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still hoping you will come back
Happy birthday. I really miss you
are you still here? :(
Heey am kinda worried about you, haven't heard from you for such a long time..
Happy Birthday :D (Big Grin)