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.: Can i ask you for help, even if i don’t use one of your templates?
Of course you can. Send a note or leave a comment where i can see it.

.: I would like to run a contest, can i ask you to be a judge or donate a template as a prize?
You can ask, but it will always depend on the contest, if i will agree or refuse.

.: Do i need a subscription to use your CSS templates?
Yes, without it you aren’t able to add CSS to your journal.

.: Are there any terms of use for your templates?
Kinda, go through the FAQ and you will know what you are allowed to do and what not.

.: And what about your images?
No hosting by me(if i don't know you) and no use outside dA. I know that you need to upload them somewhere on the web. That’s ok. But i don’t want to see my images on your personal website, blog, forum etc... If you want to use images from templates ask first and give me a link to the place where you wanna use them!
Furthermore you are not allowed to use the images of templates for other artworks. They are only made for dA journals.

.: Why do i have to upload the images on my own server/webspace?
Every time an image is loaded it causes traffic. And if that traffic reaches a special mark you have to pay more... I can't say how many guys here will use my template stuff, so i'll prevent bad surprises with that. Beside you won't loose the images if i'll clean my server directories and forget that someone uses them.

.: Where and how can i upload the images for your template?
You can use any free images hosting website or your own webspace. Make sure that you are allowed to link back to those sites. Most people use photobucket.com or imageshack.us
If you don’t know how to upload images, take a look at my tutorial: ginkgografix.deviantart.com/ar…

.: Why doesn't my journal look like the uploaded image of that template?
Maybe you are using Internet Explorer or messed up something. So if it's the first thing, use another browser. The IE isn't the best when it comes to CSS.
For the second control if all tags are closed/included. And you need to add the CSS and the HTML code. If you won't find the mistake by yourself contact me.

Free Templates
.: Can i change the CSS code?
Feel free to do it and let me know what you've made out of it. I would love to see it.

.: Am i allowed to offer the changed template as a new one?
Maybe, but you have to ask me first! Do not redistribute my templates if you only have made some smaller changes.

.: Can i change the images?
Yes... sometimes it bothers me to see what people made with the images, but as long as you don’t claim them to be completely made by you it’s ok.

.: Do i have to get your permission to use the templates?
No. If you can't download any CSS or HTML code you are not allowed to use the code. Everything else is for free use, so no need to ask for permission.

.: Can i ask you for help if i don't know how to change or modify the CSS?
Sure you can. Just send a note or leave a comment on that template. But check my tutorials/guidelines first. There you maybe could find a solution for your problem.

Custom Templates/Collab Templates
.: Do you make custom templates or are available for commissions/collabs?
Yes, you can see my prices and your options here ginkgografix.deviantart.com/jo… Sometimes i might give away some free requests. Check my current journals for that.
I'm always up for collabs, just tell me of your idea and we will see.

.: Am i allowed to offer a collab template as a new one if i made some changes?
Maybe, you have to ask me and the other person first! You need the permission of both.
Do not change the code and offer the template before you have an answer of both of us!

.: Can i use custom journals or the images of them?
NO, as long as you aren't the one they are made for! I can't control it, but be fair and don't use it. Those templates and images are made for single use.

.: You’ve made a custom journal for me. Am i allowed to give it away to others?
NO, unless we made an agreement that include other persons or that you have permission to give it away.

.: Can i ask you for help if i want to make some changes on my custom template ?
Sure you can. Just send a note.

.: You’ve made a custom journal for me. Am i allowed to allow others to modify it for me?
NO, it's my code and layout. Either ask me for a modification or a permission to do so - otherwise that other person has to make a completely new template.

.: Can i change the code/images of a collab template?
Maybe. If you are using such template and feel the need of changing it ask me and my collab partner before! Most time they offer personal artwork and it’s a thing of fairness and respect to not change or modify it!

.: What happens if you’ve made a journal for me and i won’t use it or ask for some more changes within two weeks?
It will be changed to a free template. If the journal contains personal artworks i’ll remove them and adjust the layout.

.: You already made a journal for me some time ago, can i request i new one?
Hm... not sure about this. There are many people that would like to have custom one, so i guess that they should get the chance for a personal first. So just ask, but don’t get mad if i refuse.
I case i’ve made a journal you’ve never used: no.

.: Your tutorials/guidelines are very helpful... can i redistribute them on my website or dA?
No. As most of them are made for the journals here it doesn’t make sense to publish them on personal websites (or similar sites). In case you are a member of dA you simple can link back to me.

.: Can i translate your tutorials/guidelines to other languages?
Dunno if that would make sense, but if you want to do this, please note me first.

.: Can i make suggestions for other tutorials/guidelines?
Of course. Feel free to do so, but keep in mind that i won’t immediately start to work on it. Tutorials/guidelines always need some more time.

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