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:note: Critiques are a Premium Member feature. That means you need to have a PM to request critiques for your deviations. You can write critiques as a non Premium Member though.

Everyone who wants to encourage others to leave more in-depth feedback for artworks can make use of the critique feature.
If you want to enable critiques for a new deviation you just have to check that option, after clicking at Publishing Options at the bottom of the submission page.

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But you can also enable it for already submitted deviations. All you need to do is to go to the deviations page, click Edit and proceed like above.
For disabling it's also the same, you just uncheck the critiques then.

Once done you now will see this below your deviation:
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For visitors it will look like this:
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Once one of the deviants you are watching is going to upload a deviation with critiques enabled, it will be shown in your message center like this.

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(screenshot thanks to pica-ae)

And if you are looking for more critique-able deviations, rather than just that what is appearing in your message center, you can also browse through deviations that have them enabled.

Writing / Accepting Critiques

If there is a deviation you want to give a critique to click on the Submit A Critique button and a new pop-up window will appear. There you have the deviation at the top, the area to write your critique and the stars for rating.
A word counter tells you how much you still need to write, until you are able to submit your critique.

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(screenshot thanks to Lyricanna)

After submitting your critique, you will get a notification that it was sent to the artist. They now get this in their message center and can either accept or decline it, by rating it Fair or Unfair.
Additionally your critique will appear in the message center of your watchers - no matter if accepted or declined.

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(screenshot thanks to Lyricanna)

In case it gets accepted, you will get notified and it will now be shown directly below the deviation for as long as the critique feature is enabled.

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All critiques you have written in the past can be found at http://yourusername.deviantart.com/critique/
There you have an overview of the deviations, alongside the rating and the first part of the critique.

When clicking on the individual critiques, you also have the option to delete them.

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FAQ #95: What is the Critique Feature and how do I use it?
FAQ #299: What are my Personal Gallery Management Tools, and how do I get to them?

How to give a critique

If you don't know how and where to start when writing a critique, check these guidelines and tutorials.

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