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Frequently Asked Questions

For nearly every website we use there is a FAQ section, that explains common questions and that can help you to understand and use that site more easily.

Here on dA the Help & FAQ section is rather complex, searchable and is also structured by topics to make it easier to you. You also can contact the Help Desk via tickets directly and report bugs, problem content or other things here.

To access the help page, you can either go there from the menu, from the footer or via help.deviantart.com directly.

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When you are at the help page you have a general overview first. At the left side you can find the menu that will help you to navigate through all the content.

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The right side is divided into four sub-sections.
Frequently Viewed
These are the FAQ that have been recently looked at by other deviants.

Recently Added Entries
Sometimes it is needed that new FAQ will be added. The last 5 new ones can be found here.

Latest Help & FAQ News
News articles submitted by deviantART staff, such as site updates, can be found here.

Recently Updated Entries
When features of dA will be changed, it is required to adjust the FAQ as well. The latest 5 ones can be found here.

If you are looking for something specific you can use the search or - if you know under which category it might be listed - you can browse through the navigation sections at the left, that are already divided into the most major areas of dA.

Direct FAQ Links

It can and will happen quite often, that a friend, a deviant you watch or even a random person on dA needs your help with certain things.
To quickly link them to the right FAQ entry you can use their devcodes.
They can be found at the right side, next to the explanation. That code can be used like any other devcode everywhere on dA.

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For example if we want to link to FAQ 158 we use the code :faq158: and it will look like this:
FAQ #158: I think something is missing from the FAQ.

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