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Thumbs Code

Whenever you do a feature or maybe want to link to a certain deviation the thumbs code is a very handy feature. It allows your viewers to see a smaller version of what you are referring to directly.

But did you know that there are several ways to make thumbs appear?
The most common way is to grab the thumbs code from the sidebar of a deviation.

31 03 2014 01 by GinkgoWerkstatt

That way you will get a little preview no bigger than 150x150px.

Another thing you can do is to create a big thumb. For that you just need to add 'big' to the thumbcode, like :bigthumb###:
For our example it will look like this.

Big thumbs will get no bigger than 300x300px.

Alongside those and thanks to AddMedia and Sta.sh you also vary the size on your own.
Either choose deviations from the AddMedia sidebar and make use of the transformation corners or use this code
<deviation width="150"  id="443670962">.

When defining the width make sure your deviation fits to the available space, especially when using narrow skins. The ID would be the number like from the thumb.

Hold me now by diensilver
(Using a width of 476)

Hold me now by diensilver
(Using a width of 350)

Hold me now by diensilver
(Using a width of 100)

:note: All these ways to add thumbs work for journals for deviants with or without a Premium Membership.

For other areas there are varying restrictions. Like you can use big thumbs in comments (if you have a Premium Membership), but not for descriptions.

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