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Whenever you are part of something bigger bugs and glitches will always appear - for various reasons.
In such cases it is always good to be up to date. Even if a bug or glitch doesn't affect you now, it might could happen in the future. Or in case you experience it already you are aware that someone will take care of it then.

To get the latest dA updates go to the Help & FAQ page.
You will find a link at the general footer or at the menu (when you hover over the little arrow icon next to the dA logo).

10 03 2014 01 by GinkgoWerkstatt

But you can also use the direct URL help.deviantart.com.

Beside several other important links and information (that we might cover at a later time) you also have the "deviantART status" section directly at the top.

10 03 2014 02 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Recent Issues will give you a quick overview of the latest known and reported issues. That might already be worth to check in case you have some troubles with dA.

If you then click deviantART Status or Status Forum you will be directed to exactly that forum.
There you have a list of all reported and known bugs again. What is important for us is the Login text link at the top right.

10 03 2014 03 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Once you are logged in your name and a log out option will appear at the top right and also a subscribe link is now available next to the forum name.

10 03 2014 04 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Click that link and the subscribe link will turn into a unsubscribe (that you should use if you don't want updates anymore).
Additionally you will get a little message at the top that you subscribed successfully.

10 03 2014 05 by GinkgoWerkstatt

And then you are done. Now you will receive updates via mail. They will be sent to the mail address you registered with, so make sure it's a current one.

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