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Sta.sh is your very own upload and publishing platform within deviantART.
Everything that you add will be provided a special URL, that is only known to you. That means that others are only able to see the content you are willing to share with them. It can be a specific file or a whole stack of different ones.

With a free membership you will have a limit of 2 GB, while Premium Members can store files up to 10 GB. Once you have reached the limit you can't upload more. You first need to delete or to publish existing files.

How to get to Sta.sh

To enter Sta.sh you can either just type that into your browser or make use of the dA menu. 

You will find it in the menu, under the "Deviant" section, when hovering over the little arrow next to the dA logo but also when you use the "Submit" menu.

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By clicking one of those, or typing it directly, you will be redirected to the Sta.sh platform.

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Upload to Sta.sh

There are several ways to upload new files to your Sta.sh. The direct upload is the easiest, but with a few adjustments you can also make use of FTP, mails or applications.

Via Sta.sh
This is the direct way to upload your files. Either by Drag&Drop or via a regular browser upload.

After you have enabled the FTP option you can make use of it, by uploading files to ftp.sta.sh via your usual dA login data.

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Via Mail
To upload via mail you need to grant access via the application page. You then will be given an unique email-adress you can now use to upload your files.

The subject of the mail will become the title, the actual email content the description of the deviation and any attached file the deviation itself.

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Via Applications
Through applications made by other deviants you are also able to upload files to Sta.sh. Instructions and the overall process might vary, depending on the applications and their developers. 
Authorized apps can be seen on this page.

:note: Fore more details about uploading see FAQ 441 at the end of the article.

Publish/Share Files from Sta.sh

When you want to publish your files (aka adding them to your gallery or journals) you have two buttons at the top right side of your sta.sh file.

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Both will lead you to the submission page, where you can add the usual needed information and finish the submission.

If you want to share your sta.sh file with just a few persons or want to keep it in sta.sh but still share it with your watchers, you can make use of the special sta.sh URL.
It can be found at the top right area of single files or stacks.

But you can also find it at the preview, when you hover over the actual file, and of course in the address bar of your browser.

21 07 2014 05 by GinkgoWerkstatt 21 07 2014 04 by GinkgoWerkstatt
(left side: single file, right side: sta.sh stack)

:note: When sharing sta.sh URLs make sure it always looks like  this http://sta.sh/0ebqfjx0zbh

URLs should not have the ?edit=1 at the end or #writer in the middle. Those are URLs just for you to edit your files.

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