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Points are dA's own currency, introduced in March 2010, that can be used in various ways within deviantART only.
The about page will give you a quick overview of what you can do with points already. There you will also find the rules for points - something worth to take a look at.

Before we go into details about what you can do with points, where you can get them etc, let's talk about their value.

80 :points: = 1$

That's how it is. Not more, not less. So when someone is doing commissions for 100 :points:, it doesn't mean that they want you to pay 100$. In fact you would only pay a little over 1$.
This is something you should always keep in mind. Especially when you think that someone charges too much for their work.

How to get points?

There are several ways how you can get points.
   • buying points yourself
   • accepting commissions
   • offering Premium Content
   • via donation pool
   • as a gift
   • as prizes for contests, challenges or events

An older DYK article already explained how to earn points, please take a look at that for more details.

What can you do with points?

There are several ways you can spent your points, but keep in mind that it can't be undone. Once the points have been transferred, they are gone.
   • commission someone
   • gift them to someone
   • offer them as prizes for contests
   • purchasing Premium Content
   • purchasing a Premium Membership
   • purchasing items from the Prints Shop
   • purchasing cake badges or llama accessories (more here)
   • trading llamas for Points (more here)

Where can you 'manage' your points?

All information that is related to points and your account can be found at http://www.deviantart.com/account/points/

At the top you can see your current balance and the profit balance from commissions or Premium Content, that is ready to be withdrawn to your credit card / paypal or converted to points.

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Next to that you have the option of giving points to someone. The interface is the same as if you would do it via the "Give points" menu at a deviants page - you just have to type in the name manually here.

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And right below the "Give Points" area at the points page you find the URL you can use to motivate other deviants to donate to you.
It is always http://yourusername.deviantart.com/?givepoints

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This URL can be used to create buttons or to link people directly to the donation page, in case they have trouble donating points otherwise.

At the lower part you then can take a look at your latest transaction. There you will also see that little message you can add when sending someone points.

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Some Point related FAQs

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FAQ #903: Why may I only purchase digital content with Points?

FAQ #894: Can I run a lottery, raffle, sweepstakes or other random drawing or game of chance through my DeviantArt account?
FAQ #895: Can I offer an automated service on DeviantArt in exchange for deviantPOINTS?
FAQ #181: Can I still buy prints if I don't have a credit card?

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