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Did you know there are three direct links, or permalinks, to deviations? The first is the fav.me link, which can be found under the "Details" tab on the right side of the deviation page along with the thumb code ( :thumb#########: ) and the embed code.

26 05 2014 01 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Sometimes this link and the embed code are unavailable because the user has disabled sharing. Not to fret, as you may still link to the deviation inside of dA and to people who have accounts with other permalinks. If a person has disabled sharing, be considerate and don't look for ways around sharing it; creating a dA account to view with is easy and fast to make.

The second permalink is probably the link you are most familiar with, it looks like this:

This link can be obtained by either clicking on the title of the deviation and then copying the URL in your address bar or simply right-clicking on the title itself and selecting "Copy link location", "Copy URL", or something similar.

26 05 2014 02 by GinkgoWerkstatt

The last permalink isn't as known as the others because it isn't used nearly as often. The link looks like this:

The most common place to see this link is in a DD description. Other than copy-pasting from there, you will need to construct this link manually. There are advantages to using this link though: it is always shorter than the link found in the title, making it useful for twitter, and can conceal both the deviant and their deviation title until the link is clicked.

But what are the ###'s? The number signs in this link stand for the deviation number, which can be found by copying the thumbcode of a deviation ( :thumb116401389: for example ) and extracting only the numbers from this code. Then, simply place them at the end of the link like so:

And voila!
A deviation ready to be clicked!

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Would you be open to making an updated version of this tutorial as, to my knowledge, Thumb code and fave(dot)me codes are no longer displayed options for a deviation in Eclipse. I'm glad to know that the last permalink option does still work, but I would much prefer the fav(dot)me method as it is far shorter.

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I am not active on DA anymore and just show up a few times a year. Have no idea anymore of how things work here and what is going on, so I won't be able to update any tutorials, articles etc. Sorry!

NasikaSakura's avatar
Alright. Thank you so much for your honesty! ^^ I really appreciate you still responding thoughtfully.
Anti-Cellman's avatar

Hoy, what happened to the fav.me permalink? :? It all changed for some reason the moment I tried to copy one on the share icon that only showed the main url link above.

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I wondered that too and then I found this for a work-around for those to still be used!

Anti-Cellman's avatar

I see. Hmmm... :hmm: Okay. I once checked this out before, but didn't noticed that "fav.me/" with the number part. I tried it out and it actually works. I appreciate this info my friend. :thanks:

ArkanRegistry's avatar

I know it works if you copy-paste that into the hotbar to get to the page. xD BUT if you paste that into discord, the text is not clickable like an normal link would be. So I tried added in the http in front of it and then I just get a warning that it's not safe. D: So I guess up to you if you use it that way and where. =3

Anti-Cellman's avatar

Uh huh. Well I don't use Discord, but this still is a good discovery.

verniix's avatar

Where do you find the details tab, though?

GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
"which can be found under the "Details" tab on the right side of the deviation page along with the thumb code" ;)

At the right column below all the other thumbs.
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thank you!  : )
Mika-Miku-Chan's avatar
i thought there was a "fav.me link generator" or something so i googled how to make a fav.me link and there was nothing i wanted but this helped thank you so much
MarcoEmma's avatar
WHA?! I didn't know Permalinks had a name! :XD:
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:hug: I'm sorry I couldn't get to you in time to help you out with that last bit. Life has been on and off crazy. :phew: I'm glad it turned out so nicely though!
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
You did most of it! I just did the wrapping :hug:
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The third type of permalink is from deviantART's old system. Its main function is for backwards compatibility.
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DTfox's avatar
Yes, back then it was the only type of link there was. The other ones are newer.
zomickschallahrecipe's avatar
Thank you for the info!
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