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Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.

Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

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On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

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The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
When you hover over the name of a custom folder, a little arrow symbol will appear that will give you some more organizing options.

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When deleting a custom folder your notes won't be deleted as well. Instead all of them will be moved back to the Inbox.

Writing Notes

When you want to write a new note you have two buttons to make the note form appear. The upper button is available for both tabs in your Message Center.

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You also can send notes to a certain deviant directly from their page. When doing so their name will appear in the recipient area automatically.

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If you want to send a note to more than one deviant, you need to separate the single names with a comma.

:note: If you want to note someone, but can't remember their exact name, you can also make use of that little icon next to the recipient field. If you click that a list of all deviants and groups on your watchlist will appear. From there you can choose the people/groups directly.

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Beside that, when you start to type a name, you will get suggestions for possible matches from the deviants/groups you watch as well.

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After writing the content of your note, you can check via preview if all added codes work right and decide whether you want to add your signature to the note or not.
If all done correctly click 'Send' and the note will appear in the Message Center of the people you wrote to immediately (a refresh might be needed though). At the same time a copy of your note will be placed in your Sent Notes folder.

While writing notes it can sometimes happen that your browser will crash and your unsent note seems to be lost.

If that happens go to your Drafts folder. As soon as you start writing a note there will be a copy of it added there.

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You can also save a draft on purpose, when you want to go on writing a note at a later time.
Therefore you have the Save as Draft button under your note form.

Note Icons

With the help of the little note icons you also know their current status.

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Top row (from left to right)
• Note unread. These note hasn't been opened by you yet or was markes as unread again.
• Note read. You have opened this note already or marked it as read.
• Note read and replied to. You have opened this note and replied to it.

Bottom row (from left to right)
• Note sent and unread. The recipient has received the note but not read it yet.
• Note send and read. The recipient has received the note and read it.
• Draft. This note is a draft as hasn't been sent yet.

Maintaining and Organizing your Notes

To organize your notes, you are able to move them to custom folders, to highlight them, to mark them as unread or to mark them as spam.

To select one or more notes you simply check the little box in front of each note. The selected notes will appear slightly lighter than the others and a check mark will added to the box.
Now you have several things you can do and most of them can be done in more than one way.

Starring Notes

To 'star' a note you just need to click that little star icon in front of a note. If it is successfully starred the icon will appear yellow and that note is also added to the Starred folder.

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Instead of using the Star icon you can also go to the Mark As... button and select "Starred" or "Unstarred" the selected notes at once.

:note: All notes with the yellow star icon in front of that box will appear in your starred folder.

Mark as Spam

No matter if you are still looking at the preview or already opened a note, if you realize it is spam, choose Spam from the Mark... As drop down menu.
It is then reported as such and action might be taken.

Mark as Unread

Sometimes you already read a note, but can't or don't want to reply to right away. To highlight it, you select the note and then choose Unread from the Mark As... drop down menu.

Deleting Notes

Just select the notes you want to delete (this will be permanent and can't be undone) and click the Delete button.
You will be warned once, afterwards the notes are gone.

Moving Notes

To move your notes to the prefered custom folder you select them and choose a folder via the Move to... drop down menu.

:note: You can also move notes via Drag&Drop.

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