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Message Center

The message center(short MC) is your communication area for the deviantART world. Here you will be informed about the deviants and groups you watch, but also get notified about any interaction on your own account or deviations, such as new watchers, comments, critiques, faves and other things.

The navigation bar at the top already gives you an idea of how many and what kind of messages you can expect in your message center. It can be seen from all pages within deviantART (except Sta.sh).
The way it is displayed depends on whether you have the "Splinter Menu" or the "Unsplinter Menu". In my example it is the last.

11 08 2014 01 by GinkgoWerkstatt

By clicking on View All Messages or the overall count you will be forwarded to the overview page of your MC. If you click on a specific sub-menu, it will direct you to that area within your MC.


Your MC looks like this and while the content will always be different, the menu at the left and top will always be the same.
11 08 2014 02 by GinkgoWerkstatt

The order of your messages has the same like the menu. If there is no content for a certain section available, it will not be shown. You also have a counter that specifies how many messages there are for each section.

Via the menu you can decide if you want only certain messages to show, or if you want to go for all again.
Therefore you just need to click on the single sections and all other non-relevant messages will disappear. They are not deleted though.

11 08 2014 03 by GinkgoWerkstatt
(Here I decided that I just want to see the journals.)

The section headlines will help you to figure out what kind of messages will be displayed where. For most it should be self-explanatory though.
Some more information about that can be found in FAQ 1 (see at the end of the article).

11 08 2014 04 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Display Settings
For each section you also have little icons at the right side, next to the section title. These icons give you the possibility of adjusting the MC in a way that works best for you.

Sometimes you have a combination of icons available sometimes you can just change the order of the deviations. It always depends on the messages of a section.
If an icon is highlighted in red it means that this option is currently active.

11 08 2014 05a by GinkgoWerkstatt - Deviations are sorted by either newest or oldest first.

11 08 2014 05b by GinkgoWerkstatt - Red means Stacks are enabled. If grey, they are disabled.

11 08 2014 05c by GinkgoWerkstatt - Here you can choose between a List or a Grid with thumbs.

11 08 2014 05d by GinkgoWerkstatt - Here you can choose between a List or (short) Previews.

11 08 2014 05e by GinkgoWerkstatt - Here you can choose between a List or Full View.

11 08 2014 05f by GinkgoWerkstatt - Here you can choose between a List, (short) Previews or Full View.


All groups you are a founder, co-founder, moderator or contributor of will be displayed here. While group messages don't show up in the overview of your MC, the specific messages will appear once you click on a groups name.

11 08 2014 13 by GinkgoWerkstatt


Within the folder section you have the chance to save messages, without having to fear that they get lost after you have reached the messages limit or when you  have replied to comments.

There is one "Devious Folder" you can start with right away, but you can also add your own custom ones.

11 08 2014 09 by GinkgoWerkstatt
You are not able to rename your folders, so be careful with your names and if you want to keep the folders for a longer time.

Via drag & drop you can move around your messages and add them to the desired folder. If your MC is very long, because of all the messages, fear not, because the Folders will magically appear, once you start to move messages, at the top.

11 08 2014 10 by GinkgoWerkstatt

The moved messages will no longer appear on the MC overview or the sub sections now and can only be found in the folder you moved them to.
While these messages can be moved from one folder to another, you can't move them back to the MC.

11 08 2014 11 by GinkgoWerkstatt

You also have the chance to move messages with the buttons below each section. Therefore highlight the messages and then choose a folder they should go to.

11 08 2014 12 by GinkgoWerkstatt


The birthday section will show all birthdays that will happen within the next 7 days. Only deviants who have their birthday displayed for the public will appear here. It is also limited to the deviants you watch only.

11 08 2014 06 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Via the drop down menu right under a deviants name, you could give them a little gift(Points, Premium Membership or Llama/Cake badge) directly. From there you could also get to the Wishlist of that deviant, if available.

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