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Deviation Actions

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Manage Deviations

Especially when you have quite a lot of artworks in your gallery, it can become tricky to manage your deviations and to sort through them.
That's why we have the manage deviations page. You can either access it via the direct link or by choosing "Manage Deviations" from the Submit Menu.

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On that page you have listed your deviations & journals. The overview will give you the name, the category it was submitted to, the publishing date and it also lists your sharing options and if critiques and comments are enabled or disabled.

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:note: When hovering over your deviation title, you will also get a little preview of that deviation. This helps to know what deviation you are going to edit, when you can't remember what title goes with what deviation.

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When you click on the category of a deviation, all other deviations of that category will be highlighted as well. By clicking again, the highlight will be removed.

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The public page is the default view, but you can also switch to your stored files. Simply by clicking on "Storage" on the left side.

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The list you get there is the same, but these are deviations that are not visible for the public.

Applying Changes

To store your deviations you just check all those that should be hidden and click the store button at the top. Same when you want to unstore deviations. In that case it's an unstore button.

For changing the settings for sharing, comments and critique you are also going to check the deviations you want to modify and then choose from the drop down menu.

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:note: Keep in mind that when you check some deviations and switch pages, it will be reset. You can always only work on one page at a time.

These are the possible icons that could show up. Only when sharing is disabled, no icon will be displayed.

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From left to right:
sharing encouraged, members only and sharing discouraged
critique disabled, critique requested
comments allowed, comments disabled

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