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Journal Categories

When writing a new journal, may it be personal, informative, educational or a feature of the latest art that got your attention, you always should look for the right place to submit it to. Just like you (should) do for your actual artworks.

Since journals are equally to regular deviations, they also have their own gallery and categories. Which means that you can also browse for journals.

02 06 2014 01 by GinkgoWerkstatt 02 06 2014 02 by GinkgoWerkstatt

There are seven sub-categories, but only five are open for submissions. The other two are reserved for official deviantART announcements.

Art Features
Journals related to the topic of art, features based on a specific theme, how-to articles, collections of deviations and interviews with artists.

Deviant Events
Journals promoting community events or news, such as, community run contests, projects, deviantMEETS and chat events.

Literature Features
Journals related to the topic of literature, features based on a specific theme, collections of written deviations and interviews with writers.

Any personal updates that you want to share with your watchers but aren't newsworthy to the community at large.
Note that these can still be found in the Journal Portal.

Software Reviews
Reviews of new and existing software.

Featured vs. The Journal Portal

No matter if you submit via the journal page or Sta.sh you always have the option to submit your journals to one of them or both.

Featured means that the journal could also appear at your profile(when you have added the journal widget), while journal published only at The Journal Portal will not show up on your profile.
These are only visible when someone is clicking the ALL tab on your journal page. And only then they will get listed at your journal entry list widget.

As an example we take a look at my own journals. When you go to my journal page Featured is selected by default and you see this.
02 06 2014 08 by GinkgoWerkstatt
Those are journals submitted to Featured (at the journal submit page) or to My Journal (at Sta.sh), but not to the Journal Portal.

When we switch to All now, we get this Journal History.
02 06 2014 09 by GinkgoWerkstatt
And there you can see all the journals I have ever written. There you can now see those submitted to groups only, to the journal portal and the personal ones.

This leaves us with three options of how to publish journals.
  • just at your profile (featured)
  • for the public (the journal portal)
  • at your profile, but also for the public (featured + the journal portal)

Selecting Categories at the Journal Page

When you are using the regular journal page to write your journal, you have a button at the very bottom to select a category that fits best.

02 06 2014 03 by GinkgoWerkstatt

By default the "Personal" category is picked. If you want to submit to a different category, click the Journals > Personal button and a new window will appear. There you also have the Gallery Info button that gives you more information, if you are unsure what a category is about.

02 06 2014 04 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Once you have made your selection, the Journals > Personal button will have the name of your picked category then.

Under the Submit Journal button you also can determine whether your journal should appear at the journal portal and/or in your featured section.

Selecting Categories when submitting via Sta.sh

If you are using Sta.sh to publish your journal, you will have the same submission page like for any other artwork.
But the categories you can submit to are limited. Beside a few gallery categories (like for written tutorials or literature) you have those five journal categories here as well.

My Journal equals the "Featured" of the journal page.

02 06 2014 05 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Again the Personal category is the default one. At Sta.sh you get the category explanations, as well as examples, directly when you select a category.

Depending on your selection for the category, the pre-checked options below will vary.

02 06 2014 06 by GinkgoWerkstatt  02 06 2014 07 by GinkgoWerkstatt

Via Sta.sh journals that go to your featured area, won't be published at the journal portal then. While you can still decide whether you want journals, you publish to the journal portal, also appear at your featured area.

:note: Only journals submitted via Sta.sh can be submitted as journals to groups as well.
Therefor you just have to pick the groups you are an admin of at the options area.

Journals submitted through the journal page can only be included as deviations to a groups gallery.

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