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Community Volunteer

Community Volunteers (short CV) are deviants that help the community out by providing them with a specific contact point in relation to galleries, chat and forums

Every CV only acts within the areas they are trained in. That means that generally, a gallery CV will not moderate chatrooms or forums or give DDs for artworks in other galleries (unless having permission). And no chat/forum CV will give DDs. In some instances, some volunteers are trained in Chats & Forums and Galleries and have permission to cross-over.  To be certain, you can view the whole roster of volunteers here and see what area a volunteer is representing.

Any volunteer can be easily recognized by the heart, next to their username.

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Community Volunteers are regular people, just like everyone else, with a few special privileges.
Like the name already says, Community Volunteers do what they do in their free time. This means that sometimes it may take time until they can get back to you, as they are not online 24/7 on deviantART.

A standard volunteer term is one year. After that time they may be offered the opportunity to become a mentor volunteer, who then helps to guide new volunteers, lead Community Relations projects and have their volunteer term extended. A volunteer is also allowed to leave before the end of the one year, the decision is theirs.

What are CVs doing? Why do we have them?

CVs are usually people that are already dedicated to a certain medium, style or gallery and therefore are connected with the community they represent. With their knowledge, they understand the needs and worries of their community and can help to improve the overall experience or to support related events.

A few of the things they do:
- run contests or projects
- give Daily Deviations
- moderate chatrooms and the forum
- collect ideas and suggestions from the community to work on improvements
- provide a connection between staff and the community
- educate and help deviants
- promote deviants and deviations

Community Volunteers are not involved in making any policy decisions regarding your artwork, nor are they be able to ban anyone from the deviantART site. However if you troll too hard in #devart or any of the other chatrooms, you may very well find yourself receiving a swift /kick from one of them, or even the dreaded dAmn ban for a few days.
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How can I become a CV?

By applying! But keep in mind you must be 18+ years old to be considered.
If you are thinking about applying to volunteer, you should take some time to read these:

So you want to be a CV...Wandering through the communityrelations group and I always come across comments from people willing to become volunteers, it's not uncommon to see comments like "Applied for ___ gallery!", "I can't wait to be 18 to apply!", "I so want to be on the team!", there are some who list the complete CR roster in their personal profiles, who openly say in their tagline, signatures or devIDs "Hoping to be a CV one day", etc. This is specially evident in the The Community Relations Team journal, where the opening positions are listed.
To those people: take this journal just as a personal opinion and a friendly advice from a fellow community member.
I think is great that people is so enthusiastic and passionate about volunteering.  I'm not Moonbeam13 and only she knows what she looks for when selecting new CVs, but if I were her I think I would take that passion people demo
PE: Want to be a `Senior or ^CV?Community Week
»So you want to be a `Senior or ^Community Volunteer?«
Than follow your goal! Nobody will stop you.
Hello! :happybounce: I will tell you a bit about the basics on how to become a Senior or Community Volunteer.
The fine finishings and last step to be a Senior or Community Volunteer you must accomplish by your own.
:granny: Seniors are chosen by fourteenthstar. She reviews each Senior suggestion you send to her as a note and posts a Seniority Announcement Journal with a list of deviants she choosed who deserve a Seniority `tick. :note: There is no set schedule for when these announcements occur.
Seniority Announcements 2013
January 13, 2013
But how do you FINALLY get on this list?
The basic information in short is told in

A full list of positions that are open, as well as the link to the application form, can be found here.
It makes the most sense to apply for positions that you are passionate and qualified for. This means that if the spot you are best suited for is currently taken, you should mention that instead of settling.  Applications are kept on file for a year 

FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

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