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Badges are little icons you can add to your profile. They once have been limited to staff members only, but since the release of the llama badges they received enough popularity and are now a common thing.

Llama and cake badges are available for everyone. For the latter you have to pay though (80 points for each piece).
Beside those there is also a bunch of badges that are given out on special occasions, like dA's birthday, contests, special promotions. These are often only available for a limited time. So once the time is up, you can't get them anymore.

When you are on the profile of someone you can see up to 5 badges at the top right.

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When you hover over the badges on a profile page, you either get the "View Badges!" or the "View & Choose Badges!".
To view all badges someone has received so far or to manage your own and decide which ones should be added to your profile, click on that badge area. Or type in yourusername.deviantart.com/badges.

You then end up on a page like this (just with different badges).

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Via Drag&Drop you can move your own badges around until you have an order you like for your profile. To remove them, make use of the x-button you get when you hover over the badges listed under 'Featured Badges'.
On that page you can also see who gave you or other deviants a llama badge, as well as the total amount of them.

You can also click on the single badges for more details. There you can see who gave a badge, when it was received etc.

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Giving Llama or Cake badges

To give someone a llama or cake badge, you have to click that little "Gift" button at the top right, right below the badges. It can also be found at the badges page as well.

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There you can choose between the llama or cake badge. Depending on what you want to give, you will end up with different pop ups.

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It is stated if you have to pay or not for the badges and you have to confirm the giving before it will be really handed out.
Once done the deviant of their choice will get a notification in their message center.

:note: Notifications can be turned off, if you don't like to receive it though.
(Settings > General > Miscellaneous Settings)

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Want to learn more about the single badges? Take a look at the group below. There you can find detailed information about them all.


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