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Add Media

Add Media is a feature that allows you to quickly add deviations from Sta.sh or deviantART. It is available for various places, such as Sta.sh in general, when writing journals or when leaving comments (profile, deviations, forum...). 

To get the Add Media interface for comment and description areas you simply click that Add Media textlink at the bottom of those sections. 

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(For descriptions on the submission page it looks similar,
but is without the "Add Drawing" link)

When you are using Sta.sh the Add Media interface will always show up whenever you edit a section where it is available. Same for when writing journals via the journal page. 

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The interface allows you to differ between Conversations (only available for comments), Sta.sh, deviantART and Emoticons.
The default tab changes depending on what feature you are currently using. For example for comments you usually start with the Emoticons tab.


Here you have the common dA emoticons, but also can search for specific ones further below. These are submissions of the "Chat Friendly Emotes" gallery. With the help of the search you can specify your results. 

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The deviantART tab allows you to choose submissions from your own gallery, your favourites or your bookshelf (purchased Premium Content).
Again you have the option to refine your results with the help of the search.

You also can make use of the deviants button, next to the search field. This allows you to pick a certain deviant or group you watch and will get to see their submissions only.

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With the Sta.sh tab you can add all content that is part of your Sta.sh and usually hidden for others. 
Here you also have the option to add new content via the Upload Files button directly. 

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Any kind of media that already has been used for a journal and the deviation itself will be listed here, no matter if it is part of deviantART directly or added via Sta.sh.

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:note: When writing a new journal you also have the Style options. 

When working with Sta.sh Writer you usually have Style as default. The Add Media bar is directly above that section and the content will appear once you choose one of the tabs. 

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Hiding Media

If you are done adding your content, you can hide the Add Media interface either by clicking on a text link in the comment sections again, or you use the button at the top right side, above the actual Add Media interface.

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