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:star: Winner announcement

You may have heard there will be a BIG unbirthday party and everyone from Wonderland, as well as all deviants, have been invited by the Chesire Cat! A hat will be required to take part though and  it can't be just any random hat, it needs to be special! It must be made for this occasion, on your own and not by or for someone else!. Without the hat, you can't join the party and enjoy all the cake, drinks and fun.

Even if the Chesire Cat doesn't help you, the inhabitants of Wonderland will do or already have! For every hat you have found or will find for them, they will give you a clue. These clues will give you hints of things that must be included, in whole or in part, on the hat. The more clues you get right, the closer you will get to the perfect hat for the unbirthday party.

Combine them all and create your very own birthday hat based on their hints! You should try to include 8-10 clues to make sure your hat will be accepted for the party.

Do it quickly, because there is not much time left until the party will start!


Written Art
•  Describe your hat in as much detail as possible.

Visual Art
•  All visual mediums are accepted with the exception of film, animation or Motion Books.


For each category:

1st place
•  1 Year Premium Membership
•  1 Print (Value up to $15)
•  1000 deviantART Points

•  6 Months Premium Membership
•  500 deviantART Points


- Entries must be new and created for this contest only.
- Entries should be original and not be based on any other works (e.g. movies, books,...).
- Entries must be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART.
Entries must be received by 11:59:59 AM (PT, just before noon) on August 7th, 2014.

- Entrants must credit all used resources/stock material (only legitimate stock use is permitted, no google etc).
- Entrants may enter as often as they like, but can only win once.
- Entrants may reside anywhere in the world.

- Membership to is required to enter the Contest.

Hat Templates

The Mad Hatter was friendly enough to leave a few templates for you to use! You certainly don't have to use these but if you are short on time you are absolutely permitted to utilize these.  

:note: Using these templates will not influence the judging process. Their usage is optional and not required, you will not benefit nor be penalized for using them.


Our very own Mad Hatter seems to be the most fitting person to judge this contest. He knows all the details to make awesome hats and has the knowledge to make the right decision.
Together with his compagnions the  Dormouse and the March Hare, he will look at all the entries and decides who did best with creating the required party hats!

They will also be supported by the Chesire Cat, who wants to make good for all the confusion earlier... well kinda. Maybe not, we just told the cat to do it.

Entries will be judged by the following criteria:
• Originality
• Conversion of given instructions (see contest description)

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So, is there somewhere where the winners are announced?