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Wonderland Skin

Journal Skin for the 14th deviantArt birthday fun!  Cheshire Cat -Disney- Badge by NerdyGeekyDweeb

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Happy Birthday DeviantART!:star: Welcome to Wonderland :star:
Greetings, stranger.
I find myself delighted to lay my rather large eyes on you. A purrfectly delicious mystery awaits you. Won't you come this way?
I've been a bad kitty-- a very naughty, naughty feline, indeed. You see, today is Alice's Unbirthday, and all the inhabitants of Wonderland had planned to join her and the Mad Hatter for tea and cake. But, the Mad Hatter, being quite a bit off his rocker, is requiring that everyone wear a hat to the party. Anyone without a hat cannot attend.
Whoops! Mysteriously, *smile* all the hats in Wonderland have gone missing. What a shame, what a shame. Whatever shall we do?
I know what we shall do. You and I, stranger, we shall go to the party together. I hear the cake is delicious this year, and there will be plenty for us.
Except, wait! HA! You cannot!!! You have no hat, either! I suppose you'll have to stay here, too, then. Very well. Goodbye.
Birthday Hat- ContestYou may have heard there will be a BIG unbirthday party and everyone from Wonderland, as well as all deviants, have been invited by the Chesire Cat! A hat will be required to take part though and  it can't be just any random hat, it needs to be special! It must be made for this occasion, on your own and not by or for someone else!. Without the hat, you can't join the party and enjoy all the cake, drinks and fun.
Even if the Chesire Cat doesn't help you, the inhabitants of Wonderland will do or already have! For every hat you have found or will find for them, they will give you a clue. These clues will give you hints of things that must be included, in whole or in part, on the hat. The more clues you get right, the closer you will get to the perfect hat for the unbirthday party.
Combine them all and create your very own birthday hat based on their hints! You should try to include 8-10 clues to make sure your hat will be accepted for the party.
dA's 14th UnBirthday Chat/Forum Events!Off with their heads!!! Oh, oh, why hello everyone, I didn't see you there!
In this journal you will find a list of all the fun shenanigans we have prepared for DeviantART's 14th UnBirthday celebrations in the chats and forums, and their schedule! We hope you'll have time to join in on all the fun!
If you need a time converter please use this.
All chat events will happen in #CommunityRelations and will be launched on Thursday August 7th.
Alice in Wonderland Trivia: This will be a fun trivia game in which you will be asked questions related to Alice in Wonderland, the book, both the original animated Disney movie, and Tim Burton's recent remake, in addition to the Once upon a time Alice in Wonderland television show. There will be 3
Unbirthday Literature ContestOur beloved home-on-the-internet turns fourteen (with a special "Alice in Wonderland" theme) this week, and we all know what "fourteen" means: acne, the step-and-sway at awkward school dances, and confusing emotions.
Or, it means a 14-themed, surrealist literature contest hosted by CRLiterature! This one allows both poetry and prose submissions, so there's something for everyone.
Contest Rules
Dates NOW to Aug 19th, 2014, midnight PST (14 days long)
Tone Surrealism - blur the line between reality and the unconsciousTypes of Entries Both Poetry and ProsePoetry your entry must be a sonnet of 14 lines (for more about sonnets, check out this excellent article by futilitarian)Prose your entry must be a complete story, exactly 14 sentences longSubmission respond to this journal with a link to your submission and the words "CONTEST" and either "POETRY" or "PROSE"Also your submission must have a link to
  14th Birthday Caption ContestIn honour of dA's 14th birthday, it's time for a caption contest :la:  That means it's time to poke some fun at the volunteers and staff by captioning the photos below :evillaugh:  The best caption for each photo wins a 1 month premium membership.  The contest will close on August 9th* :eager:
Captionable Photos
Morbidman187 by Lyricanna SGonzalez by Lyricanna amzwu by Lyricanna
*Any comments made after 11:59PM PST on August 9th will not be considered.


Tea Cups +

Rest own stock or painted

Bullet; Green If you have any questions read the F.A.Q. or ask me.
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Kjherstin's avatar
I really love the artwork you made for this journal design. 
ValerianaSTOCK's avatar
Aww, that is too cute!!
MelMuff's avatar
I saw here Wonderland dAvatar by ginkgografix that this skin is suppose to be usable now but I don't see the option to install it.
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
No, that was referring to the avatars. Should rephrase that, sorry.
MelMuff's avatar
Ah ok. You had a thumbnail of this right underneath so I thought you meant this skin. No worries.
MelMuff's avatar
Ah! Too bad the skin isn't installable. I was really hoping to use it.
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
No, just a design. Sorry!
Pascua-Tanya's avatar
Love the Skin ^^

Because is not for install?. I would like to use in case of get a Premium Membership ^^
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Thanks :aww:

But this skin is not available for the public, sorry!
Pascua-Tanya's avatar
You're welcome =D

Why?. The Skin is great, so great that it should be used by all :).
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
No matter if great or not, i just don't feel like sharing free skins anymore. I have all the work with coming up with this, replying to comments, fix things or update a skin when dA changed. But feedback in form of comments/faves rarely happens. And people always expect me to work for free, which i just don't accept anymore.

Additionally this is an event based skin, which should be used by CR volunteers only.
Pascua-Tanya's avatar
I see. I totally understand what you mean. It's the same with my work. It's rare when someone leaves me a comment or a fav. Nowadays people tend to give favs lot  but do not share a comment to tell the artist that you like your job and what is the reason. It's sad but that's the reality :(. It would be better to deviantART change that  and motivate people to better appreciate the work of your favorite artists :nod:.

Yes, you're right. Even in the journal header says "The Community Relations Team present".
Thanks for clearing my doubt ^^.
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
It doesn't matter for me if comments or favs, but when i see that the install numbers are way higher than the actual feedback, it is disappointing. Especially if there is free to use stuff and people don't even take the time to thank you for being able to use it.

deviantART can't change that. deviantART is a company. The fave/comment thing is a community problem. People have become lazy, because they don't want this kind of interaction anymore. That's the modern internet.
gillianivyart's avatar
I love the invisible part!  :D
Windklang's avatar
Should have known you coded it :)
Greeeat job with all those special features :D I love it !!
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Thank you, good to know! :thanks:
Windklang's avatar
Are you going to set this installable once the event is over?
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
No, i don't think so. Don't really feel like doing free skins anymore.
Windklang's avatar
I totally understand... But your skins are the best :D so... one day I will have so many points, that I can buy them from you :la:
But until then I am sad ;)
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