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.:White Rose - Gallery


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Update 05.10.2013:
After so many changes to the gallery structure, this code now has been updated and is working without problems (i did not test IE). Also you don't need to download the files and manually add the image paths anymore.

Also this is not a combined skin anymore, but only the gallery CSS. For the journal skin see below.

:bulletgreen: Get the Gallery code here:
Copy & paste as is into the CSS section of your custom gallery folders.

:bulletgreen: Everything you add to the descriptions needs to be wrapped by a p-tag followed by an image to get the decoration.

<p>I am a gallery description.</p><img src="" />

Matching Journal Skin:

Brushes by ~Azureluck… , ~spiritsighs-stock… and ~Illyera…
Rose is my own stock

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