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.:Walkthrough New vs Old

Update: 10.08.2009
So there was nothing someone of you mentioned that is missing or wrong, so here we go with the download file:

:pointr: :bulletgreen:CLICK DOWNLOAD TO READ THE WALKTHROUGH :bulletgreen: :pointl:



Well this time i will publish this without any beta-reading. If anyone still wants to help me with fixing grammar and other mistakes i would highly appreciate it.

I'm certain that there are several mistakes hidden as i took a two months break(yeah i was a bit shocked when i realized that lol) in between. Well life was busy.
Anyway this is finished now. Finally!!! :woohoo:
And the end it was really a pain to fix the last bits and to go on.

The tutorial i divided into two(actually three) parts. The first basic steps, the coding for the old structure and the coding for the gruze structure.
For now the walkthrough remains on my server for direct access. Hope to get some feedback about things to fix and after a week or something like that i'll add a zip-file for download.

Hope it's not too confusing - i was confused several times though. And as the gruze version was written later i copied some parts of the first parts. So some texts are the same/similar. I'm lazy, you know that!

Enjoy! And let me know if this was worth the pain to make it :B

Top menu for gruze [link] by `thespook
Mini Gallery code by `thespook
Frog [link] by *SunOwl
Wood textures [link] by `cloaks
Twines [link] by ~3DigitalStock

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