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June 11, 2009
" Very helpful and great free Gallery tutorial. "

.:Walkthrough Gallery Template by `ginkgografix
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.:Walkthrough Gallery Template

Finally the tutorial/walkthrough for coding a gallery template is finished. I know this took way too much time, but eh i'm lazy and was able to fix the image "bug" some days ago.

Like always this is just one way to code and not perfect nor anything that claims to be the best solution. It's my way of working on gallery templates, but i hope it's helpful and you can retrace why i did what. If not... feel free to ask as always :aww:

It's always difficult to explain everything that you need to take care of. Mostly because it always depends on the layout you've created and the way it should work. Should the size vary, should it be fixed etc.

This was requested by ~KatiBear.
And a big thanks to ~Espiroth for beta reading - she said my english improved. YAY! :hug:

Divider brushes [link] by ~ro-stock

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