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Nail Art: Black Tear

I kinda fell in love with having these kind of designs and i am sure that i will try a lot of different versions during the next time.
A few days ago i wanted to do something with the green again and also wanted to have something "summer like" - because we only have rain here - without being too bold.

:bulletgreen: Chachacha (green) and Papaya Punch (orange); both from China Glaze "Tropical Escape".
:bulletorange: Black nail designer polish from Rival de Loop Young
:bulletgreen: Black tear-shaped rhinestone; Nail Jewels from Essence (purple version)
:bulletorange: "Multi Dimensions" XXL Shine from Essence

:pointr: I usually don't really care for the brands of beauty products, but i really love the China Glaze polish and Essence.
China Glaze is a bit expensive (and not easy to get in Germany) but worth it and very long lasting.
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i love those colors together!
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I am amazed at how straight those lines are! Looks so pretty
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Me too. But if you move the brush of the nail polish and the finger at the same time, it is easier to get such results - at least it feels like that for me.
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OMG I have to see that on video! Now that sounds difficult
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I could try to make a video, but i don't have any good camera. Just my crappy webcam D:
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OH That would be so awesome!
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Will see what i can do for you :aww:
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Oh thank you! Thank you! :hug:
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omg this is so pretty! i luv it ty for the idea =]
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I use China Glaze too - it's brilliant. :heart: This makes me want to paint my nails again... mine are rather plain at the moment. :<
How did you get the stripes so perfect? O: For the thin black one do you have one of those nail polishes that's like a pen? :O
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It totally is! But i can just get it via ebay here ._.

Haven't had anything fancy lately, but wanted to give something more complex a try soon. Just don't know what yet :lol:
Oh, i dunno. I move my finger and the brush at the same time in different directions. I don't really pay attention to that or have to concentrate, luckily it just works out when using the brush.
It case it gets too wonky, you can use a cotton bud with nail polish remover to make it look more even.

No it's a bottle who has a metal tip for dots and a very fine brush for such lines. Love it!
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I get it off of ebay, too. xD I haven't seen it in any shops in the UK. :saddummy:

Oh of course, because you only painted the tips you could touch it up without removing the base. :O That's rather cool.

That sounds brilliant! Is that the Rival de Loop Young stuff you mentioned in the comments? Any idea where I could find something similar? ...I can't find any on ebay. :<
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btw you could use regular brushes as well. Just get one with a tiny tip and use it with your regular nail polish. Did that already as well. Just don't forget to clean the brush afterwards :lol:
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I honestly never would have thought to use a normal paintbrush - and I have so many! xD I might give that a go first. c:

Thanks for all your help! :cuddle:

Sorry for the incredibly late reply... I managed to lose a few old comments. D':
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I got that from ~Tartofraises - i just love the stuff she is doing. On her blog she often adds videos of how to do things. :nod:

It's ok, no need to apologize. No one is in a hurry! :hug:
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Oh wow! Her gallery is gorgeous! :love:

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