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.:Making a journal layout

And the next more complex tutorial that was laying around for a longer time already. I'm not really satisfied with it and there have been more tutorials planned- showing you the stuff that need to be done next etc- but um.. dunno. Maybe later. If anyone want's that template, let me know, still not coded yet :aww:

The zip file is about 3MB big.
I've added:
- the walkthrough pdf (13 pages!)
- the original sized screenshots

Hope that this will help to understand of how to create a journal layout. But keep in mind: it's my way and just one way of doing it. Others might work different. It just should give you a feeling of what needs to be done in general.

I have to thank my beta readers, who took the time to hunt down my grammar/english mistakes and gave me hints where i should add some more stuff.
A big thanks to ~Espiroth, =blissart, ~arrkane and *callsignKateJones :hug:

Floral brushes by ~Illyera [link] and [link]
Butterflies and sidebar texture by *redheadstock [link]

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