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Nova Flower by Ginkage Nova Flower by Ginkage
I recently had the wonderful chance to add a bit of rarity to my jewelry. Something to make it a little bit more... out of this world. A little something that made me space out with the possibilities!

Okay, two is enough for the space puns. ^_^

This is a lovely pin made with small anodized aluminum scales in a frost color. These scales are a bit more special than the average. They were part of a much larger batch done by The Ring Lord for use by NASA. Some 22,000 scales were made to shield a seismograph on the Mars InSight unit. They're about 42% lighter than standard anodized aluminum scales (which are, admittedly, already pretty light) and have been a joy to work with so far. The thought of making things with supplies that will have kin in space just tickles me!

As soon as I have more professional pictures, I will have this pin type available on my Etsy page and my personal website. Next I'll be working on a brooch style with a smaller pin back. 

Nova Flower Pin - $40
Length - 2.25 inches actual pin length, 3 inches with flower. 2 inches in width at flower.
Anodized aluminum scales, bright aluminum rings, nickel-free pin base (good for cloaks, kilts, heavy fabrics)
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June 10, 2014
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