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Edit 1/1/16:  Requests are STILL closed - sorry! ^^; But if you'd be interested in a request if/when I reopen them, send me a note saying you'd like to be notified.  (Notes are now searchable, so they're easier to keep track of than "plain" comments.)  PLEASE do not do this more than once - asking me repeatedly will not make me reopen requests sooner.  I work a job and have a home to look after, so my time is precious.  Thanks for your understanding :thanks:

Check out my gallery and scan the list of categories below to get an idea of what I can do, and then note me with your request.  You can be as general or as specific as you like.  I will try to get things done in a reasonably efficient manner, but I won't commit to a particular deadline.  (Real life has a tendency to laugh at deadlines...)

And if you're pleased with how your request turns out, I would greatly appreciate a DA-Points donation or even just a llama.  But there's no obligation.  Thanks, everyone!

Categories of Art

The "I'd Love To!" Category
  • Disney or manga-style character drawings
  • Fantasy, superhero, sci-fi (heavy on the "fi" and light on the "sci"), steampunk, mythology, magical girls… basically anything that is based primarily on imagination rather than reality
  • Fanart of characters from Disney animated movies (not TV shows) or classic video games (Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mario, Legend of Zelda…)
  • Fashion design/costume drawings

The "Maybe..."  Category
  • Any style of art that's not what I'm used to
  • Pretty much any fanart I didn't list above in the "I'd Love To!" Category
  • Animals and fantasy creatures
  • Depictions of your own OCs, as long as they don't fall into the category below (note: I would need at least 1 reference image)
  • Pixel art

The "Absolutely Not!" Category (Don't even bother asking...)
  • Portraits of "real" people
  • Images involving detailed textures or overly-realistic art styles
  • Witches, vampires, zombies, demons, etc. - even if they're "cute" (I'm not a fan of paranormal stuff)
  • Zodiac or horoscope signs
  • Erotica
  • Anything too fetish-y in MY opinion (if I don't like it or it weirds me out, I won't draw it - sorry! not sorry...)
  • Excessive gore
  • Vehicles
  • Scenery

Many thanks to everyone who continues to express an interest in my art!  You guys are awesome :clap: :clap: :clap:

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rw:can i have a req. from u or did i already ask 4 1?