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Royal Family Portrait

By GingerQuin
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This was an Idea Alohaelani and I have been working on for some time. Yet another beautiful collaboration. I did the original sketch and coloring she did the fantastic line art and drew the the puppers cause yall know i cant animal for the life of me lol

This was a painting Jakiel and Alani had commissioned when the Triplets were 3 months there now obviously much older now.

Jakiel me

Alani Alohaelani 

Children me / Alohaelani 

We hope that you like this portrait This is hung up in the castle along various priceless art.
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the image of Gracie in the middle im crying
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I just love it so much!!! All four babes are adorable and so are the puppers :heart: Jakiel and Alani are wonderful parents :iconblushuplz:
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That they are and there children are well loved <3
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hhhhhhnnnngggggg!! Look at the happy family, the children and them doggies!
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AH yiss all the babies!
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What a beautiful portrait and what a beautiful fanily ^w^ haha though if this portrait is priceless, I will be sure to not let my art thief Drake know about it XD he certainly would love to get his phantom hands on a priceless piece of art like this. This picture though really is amazing and you most certainly should be proud of your work OwO
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Thank you so much in so happy with the results and Ah feelings mans 
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Wittle Grace, poor babu..
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yeah shes always in their hearts
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ahhh this looks so great >////<
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Thank you so much
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ahh np its also very well drawn hah 
i can take pointers from just looking at this hah ;w;
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Is that Butterscotch?
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Yeah he got bigger
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Ain't that the most precious thing?
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This is a beautiful portrait! I really love how this all turned out uwu< 3
I hope it hangs in the castle for generations to come
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Thank you so much and I'm super proud of how this turned out and hnnng
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Its so amazing! I love how the whole family is in this picture especially Grace!
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100% they have to include there first baby
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I wish Gracie was here to see her brother and sisters
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Ahhhhhhhh everyone is here!!! There’s so much love!!! I just!! QAQ
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