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Chocolate Tea Arch: Warning Signs

While celebrating their engagement Ivan and Chai found their perfect night ruined by a security breech. Who are these hooded Figures? Whats their deal? 

Ivan © GingerQuin 
Chai © MyCup-OfTea 
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my head was going to some place else... did not fall to where i thought it was going

thank glob!

but still VHATS WRONG!!!?!?? 
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Don't you just hate it when your romantic evening is crashed by weirdos in cloaks?

Sure hope everything's okay ewe
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Ohhh man, I still remember the times and mentions of Chai and her current situations, now seeing it in action makes me both excited and nervous. 

And hooded figure expression and their facial gives me a vibe of a rather elderly (apparently a sneaky elderly) I'd bet either...old/ex servant of Chai's  
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ooo this is so interesting
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lol he does give off that Vibe but Chai keeps him in check XD This is Ivan 2.0
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but otherwise he would of totally done it >W<
he probably has a gun on him somewhere anyway XD
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I forgot that Chai's Kingdom has a terrible problem
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LOL ye but we plan to cover a good chunk of their story this year QUQ
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Can't wait to see the story unfold ^^
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