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Methinks Bella likes Edward

By GingerOpal
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If Bella had just made it clear and memorable enough the first time, we wouldn't have to keep hearing how perfect Edward is.

And my Edward is skinny. I like him that way. He's pretty. Deal with it.

SOOOO, in case you couldn't tell I have finally given in to my friends insisting that I should read Twilight. I read it this week and I BOTH liked and disliked it. So please no accusing me of being biased in the way of vampiric literature, which I don't normally read anyway.

I drew most of this during a work meeting, and let me tell you, it was FUN to draw, heehee. Now I need to design an OC that has Edward's face. :giggle:

If I cared more, the artistic quality of this would be better. But it isn't. My favorite part is how their notebooks vanish in the second frame and are never seen again. :XD:

P.S. Part of why I drew this was because I was watching an old video of my high school musical "Bye Bye Birdie" in which I was the irritating fanclub leader (my least favorite role ever, but I did a good job). I decided "Hmmm, what if Bella acted that way? It would've made me like her more."
So here is fangirl Bella, who was undescribably entertaining to draw. :D
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Lol this is cute😆💕

you’re expressions with both of them is amazing! I’m not a twilight fan either but this is super cute

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it's like you switched the story around
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Кстати, ваша Белла настоящая прелесть. Чудесный комикс.
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Thank you so much! :)
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Edward shows Emotions?
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Yeah... This Edwards kinda cute...and I despise twilight. Way to go!
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did you just made E.cullen a likable character?
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Yes. Yes I did. ;)
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( O///O) I love your drawings of Edward. and you made a good point about her and the cold X3
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crazy fangirl Bella he is not that cute {in the movie}
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Hahaha! I love Bella's face when she says "And you sparkle!"
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Hahahahahahaha hilarious! I had to read it twice and then just look at Edward's expressions again. XD awesome!
ChocolateGummyBearz's avatar
what the kittens bella? WHAT THE KITTENS! *O*
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this is so funny! :D (Big Grin) 
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LOL XD AHA Unfortunately Edward she aint that smart XD ahha
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This is the best comic EVER XD
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or am i the only one
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haha, great!
Well done also :) Drawing are adorbale! I neve could draw people... :c
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this is so funny, she seems just as stupid as she did in the book. No bashing please for to each his own. I hated the book and I believe why most like it is the fact that it had a vamp in it. Sorry boys and girls I like real vampires, not ones that parade around in high school, but that's just me.
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The whole time, Edwards just like: umm. Even the dames in eastern America were better than this....
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