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This is the critique guide I created for my group:


I hope it can help some other people as well.

Why Should I Critique?

Because not only is it simply nice to do and helpful to other artists but it’s also helpful to you. It’s a learning experience in which you teach yourself how to really see all the elements of a piece of artwork, not just colors and lines. Not only that but when you give you usually receive just as much which can help open some interesting lines of dialogue between you and your fellow deviants.

Why Is Critique Important?

You know how when you make something and you think it looks really cool, but then you look at it again months later and see all the things you did wrong? Other people can see those things the moment you post a piece and if they were to tell you, you could work on that one wrong thing or another a lot sooner than you would have with out them. Uping the anti in your skill level a lot faster.

Get it?

Can I Critique People Better Than Me?

You can critique whoever the hell you want, skill level doesn’t matter. When you see something that looks wrong and you think it’s wrong….It’s usually wrong.

I’m Too Scared, What If People Are Mean To Me?

You suck it up and persevere. Most of the time though people are really quite nice and rather appreciative of someone’s input as long as your not mean. And when it comes to taking critique you really just have to deal with it like everyone has at some point.

:star:Giving Critique:star:

:bulletblue: Saying things like “that’s awesome” or “this looks wrong” can be very nice or frustrating to hear, but they don’t help anyone. You need to be specific in the things you really like and things you think could be better so they know what they have to work on.

:bulletpink: Leave advice as to how you think they could improve the things the things you’ve pointed out. It could be something you do with your art or a link to a tutorial, any type of helpful hints or resources are generally awesome.

:bulletblue: No fighting. If an artist starts bitching you out for leaving a critique they didn’t like, don’t reply and don’t critique any of their future work. Simple as that. Any form of retaliation can just fuel the fire and it will never end.

:bulletpink: Be as honest as you need to be, but don’t be a dick. Witty one-liners and sarcastic remarks are not going to help anyone, especially not you.

:star:Taking Critique:star:

Taking critique is a lot harder than giving it. Sometimes it can be one of the biggest challenges of your artistic career. Spending hours on one image, giving it all you’ve got, then posting it up on DA and having someone tell you something wrong with it! That’s not helpful at all!


It’s actually one of the most helpful things someone can do for you. So be appreciative!

Someone else, whom you may or may not know, is taking time out of their busy day to help you. They aren’t being mean. They aren’t telling you that you suck. They are simply stating what you did wrong and how you might fix it. That’s actually quite nice. Don’t you think?

:bulletblue: Don’t take it personally. If someone is just suggesting you fix an element of your piece it more likely than not their just trying to help.

:bulletpink: Skill doesn’t matter. When someone of lesser skill critique your work, you should still take it seriously. It doesn’t take a master of anatomy to know when the footing looks wrong.

:bulletblue: The ‘it’s my style’ excuse is not valid when it comes to critique. The difference between a stylistic choice and an error due to lack of knowledge have some pretty bold differences. And if it is your style and someone’s critiquing it, then obviously it not reading to well to others.

And with that said, let the critiquing begin!

Also, here are some helpful links incase you need them:… Critique)… Critique)
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I love this guide! I'll try :la:
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Brilliant guide - really useful :D I always LOVE helping people out with feedback, and I'm so pleased I have premium membership and can now give official critiques :D :D
GingerJuju's avatar
I'm glad you've found it helpful.
jennystokes's avatar
How wonderful of you to create this............I read everything.
Thankyou for taking the time.
GingerJuju's avatar
I'm glad to know it's helpful to you :D
Your more than welcome.
jennystokes's avatar
Lost your reply somewhere when I made a was VERY helpful.......
Can you give it to me AGAIN.......
Sorry but an finding it a bit difficule negotiating ALL this stuff.
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"They aren’t being mean. They aren’t telling you that you suck. "

LOL :lol:

anyway, great article. really helpful :)

Once i become a good critic, i will start critiquing. I myself allow for any critique on my submissions. Its always helpful to know what the others think of my submissions :)

good job :clap:
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Thank you.

You should start critiquing now, practice makes perfect. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it.
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practice on meee :dance: I used to get critiques on my paintings all the time in art school, I got thick skin hahaha :D I never took photography in school it would be great to get other opinions! Did I mention I would love you forever? ahahaha! :boogie:
uae4u's avatar
sure! i hope my critique was good enough ^^;

T-Thomas's avatar
absolutely, you had good points and now I 'see' the image more objectively, you have definitely helped! Thanks :hug:
uae4u's avatar
i am very glad ^_^
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I think everyone who gives critique is hoping to receive some should read this article. Thank you for posting such a helpful, instructive guide. :)
GingerJuju's avatar
Thank you sweety :hug:

I hope this will help great more critique in this crazy cyber worl of ours.
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cha, its good!
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Sammet-Metal's avatar
I wish everyone thought on this after criticizing xD;

It's a good guide hun =D
GingerJuju's avatar
Thank you. I hope people actually use it, there's just not enough good critique in the world.
theHarechan's avatar
What an awesome guide for critiquing! It's very nicely thought out. I really like the "FAQ" section. Hmmm... now to check out our group...
GingerJuju's avatar
Thank you :hug:
I worked very hard to make sure I included everything. I want my members be able to give well thought out critiques to one another so they'll become amazing! At least that's what I'm hoping for.
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You're very welcome! I think you've achieved your goal.
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excellent guide
GingerJuju's avatar
Thankx :D

How'd you know I posted it in the news section?
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