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gingerhighlandergirl has started a donation pool!
42 / 1,000
I just would like points so I can commission other artists out there who are bloody expensive and don't do trades nor requests TT^TT
and also if you're unable to you can just deposit points here for commissions.
100 for written commissions
100 for just pencil (black and white)
200 for paint - colour
150 for watercolour paint -black&white
50 for just felt-tip pens. (just for quick wee drafts for bigger ones or wee ideas)

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hi all I know, I know it's been a while since I posted one of these, well as you can probably see that yes, I am alive, and nooooo~ i'm not a robot.
well the purpose of this post is plain and simple, I'm making a request which I hope you lovely kind hearted and capable young men and women (or boys and girls if you prefer) are willing to undertake.
you see I'm trying to make two covers for two different stories of mine, both fanfics, both for different fandoms. One for Naruto and one for Akatsuki No Yona.
the link to my fanfic site is dadadada! here:…
My Naruto one is titled "to fly" and is about a young girl that is subject to orichimaru level experiments but more sci-fi than shinobi, and through these series of experiments and mutations, she's grown a pair of wings that even have a chakra network! well she's basically rescued by the akatsuki and raised by them as a trump card and tbh not decided on a pairing or if there is going to be a pairing or a reverse harem thing going, so basically on the cover for this im just looking for a girl with wings in a giant testtube with a metal mask on her face (for further details drop me note asking me for them.
my Akatsuki No Yona fanfic I'm not entirelly got a set-in-stone title, at the moment i'm calling it Resonance. it's not posted online yet, I'm still in the basic drafts and planning stages of it, but basically it's about a woman who is a scholar (when she was young) who was a prodigy in it but ended up contracting and suffering a terminal disease, and at the time, her two masters (one a scholar and a martial artist) who held her dear and viewed her as either a younger sister (martial artist) or a daughter (scholar) and due to my own research on the theory of the chinese legend of the "peach elixar" I incorporated it into the story as the "medicine" they gave to my OC that they pleaded to the Jade emperor (yes I watched the forgotten kingdom with the three main movie badasses - Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen) and caused her disease to be healed but she's gained immortality for 1000 years, and once her teacher passed on or reacher Nirvana, she started an organization the archivites, they record any incidents of interest and they all year three images in one emblem, the phoenix, the peach and the scroll. (which I want on the cover anything else is artist personal desire, drop me a note for further extra details that you may want) and well my OC meets Yona, Soo-won and Hak when the trio were children and she on a self-imposed vacation (she ran away so she wouldnt have to do paperwork)and basically falls for Yona's adorablility, and decides to make her next "recording" on her and stays in the shadows and watches over her, giving nudges everynow and the anonomusly (sp?)

so once again if there is anyone intrigued by this drop me a note on which one (or both if you're adventurous enough) and have a whack at it. Enjoy and goodbye for now! T-T-F-N! Ta Ta For Now!!
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  • Reading: Cycle of sin ( a harry potter and ffX crossover)
  • Watching: personal youtube music mix
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  • Eating: triple chocolate cookie that were £1.
  • Drinking: peppermin and sweet fennel tea (voodoo tea)


I haven't done much work in chibi's and I'd like people to commission me so I can get practice in drawing them. If you don't like the prices please comment or PM me and I'll get back to you.
if you would like portraits of yourself or a friend (preferably human) just give me link to the picture or friend me on face book and post it via that, tag me and I'll get to it!
Any you want:
Any OC's (own characters) you may want done. I don't draw yaoi, yuri or any 18+ stuff, I can't draw animals to save my life so please don't commission them please TT^TT and in anything else I'll try my best ^_^

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Jennifer ritchie
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hola, Bonjour, hello, and all that crap.

well how to start...

my name is Jennifer, but i prefer to be called by my alter ego (who doesn't have one), Solaris. I've just turned 21, yaaahooooo! I'm a true Scott (Scottish/ Scotland) and have gorgeous red hair, hence the ginger park of my username, I love the final fantasy series, anyone who doesn't can kiss my ass for all I care --U-- (that's supposed to be me sticking out my tongue). I admit I am annoying as hell, but it means I like you if I focus on you.
I love anything anime related (also linked to romance, gXg, bxb, gxb who cares as long as there's amore! love!)

if you go to, and check out Immortalitysucks, you'll find some more stories that you wont find on here!

hmmmmmmmmmm... i'm stuck now, i don't know what else to type, if you wanna know anything else about me, just PM me and i'll answer any questions that you want! ... as long as they're appropriate and no ramblings too!

I don't have much to say about myself so i'll do a kakashi on you. i have plenty of likes, quite a few dislikes/hates, i have hobbies; just not alot of them, and as for a dream/ aspiration, yeah i hot a couple of them. _

Now, when you want to do your turn, don't be shy and just let it rip, okay? ( reference to bey blade unintended).

here's my account:
And my Wattpad account too:
my facebook as well:
I have an account on fiction press now as well:


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