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OC for HEX by gingerbered OC for HEX :icongingerbered:gingerbered 0 0
Mandrake Academy - Padraic's Start
 "God damn it!" Padraic stormed down the stairs of his family's farm house with nothing but a towel round his to see his youngest sister washing strawberries with their mom. "Where are the twins?!" His mother kept her eyes on her work as she answered but Gwen was giggling and pointing at her brother's wet hair.
"They're outside harvesting apples with your dad and Morgan, why do you ask dear?"
"BLUE!" squealed Gwen laughing at her older brother. Mrs. Lakeman looked up in confusion, her eyes growing to the size of saucers when she saw that her son's once sun-bleched-blonde hair was now a bright blue and dripping dye onto her kitchen floor. Glowering Padraic readjusted his towel and hurried out into the orchard, not even bothering to put on shoes.
 As he approached the trees he saw the rest of his family, including their sheep dog merlin who was running around the base of a tree. "Hey beauty queen! How was the shower?" The older twin Lance asked as he dropped apples into a baske
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Mandrake Academy -Cerise's begining
The doorbell rang through the penthouse suite but was ignored by the two girls talking on the chaise lounge.
"It is a great place Grace, small but nice." The elder of the two smiled as her maid went to the door shooing away the visitor.
"Eet eez smaller zen 'ome, but eez good enough for one or two, would 'oo believe zey call zis spacious?" The younger girl readjusted her glasses rolling her eyes.
"Grace you are in Halifax, What do you expect living in the downtown of a capital city. Anyway, it has a beautiful view of the harbour." Grace smirked as she played with her blonde hair.
"Pssh, eet eez beautiful because I do not 'ave to deal wit' mama and papa bickering all ze time," She rolled her hazel eyes at her younger sister " 'onestly zey do not even live in ze same mansion and zey still argue. Zen again mon petite Cerise, 'oo are ze one who 'as to put up with zem more zan moi." Cerise took off her glasses looking at her sister, her pink eyes staring excitedly i
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To Kill or Not to Kill
A scream shattered the silent spring night.
Bre ran from the horror she’d seen, her red curls bouncing. A man had been crouched over the figure of a lady in the park, her neck bent at a sickly angle. I have to call the police she thought as she ran faster toward the gym; she knew it was the only place still open. Rounding a corner she glanced behind her and sighed in relief when she saw no one following, but when she looked at what was in front of her she came to a halt. A man was standing in front of her. With his unnatural height and the long black coat he was wearing she knew it had to be the man from the park.
She went to run away but tripped over a rock, falling to the ground, her ankle giving a sickening crack. The man stepped closer to her, pulling back his black hood to reveal the frowning, skeletal face of a man with shock white hair. “Do not be afraid,” said the man with a slight smile “it is not your time to go yet.”
Bre stared at him in fear as
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ello! Im Emma/Matt nice to see someone on my page :D so im two spirited and bi-gender ( if you don't get it just think bi) Im the provincial archery champion for my age and gender, i love writting when i find the time, am addicted to coffee, and love manga and anime. Hope you enjoy my gallery i love getting constructive criticism so don't be afraid to comment or message me ^.^ enjoy!
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Ello people recently have been sick long enough to forget the thing called life that stole me away from my computer in the first place :3 it's nice to be back i missed you people and posting! so my stories have been put on hiatus (never had to say that before) while i get better study for exams and get rid of writer's block. So there IS one major issue with me being gone so long.... i've forgotten how to work the emoticons! :c someone please re-explain it to me i miss the magicalness of the DA smilys.


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