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Portal Cake Tutorial by Ginger-Storm Portal Cake Tutorial by Ginger-Storm
I almost never take progress pictures of any of the things I make. So I never get to do tutorials or WIP things or anything. So I was excited when I realized I had a bunch of progress pictures of this on my phone!

My friend Spaith asked me to make him a miniature portal cake for his male GLaDOS cosplay, so of course I made it! It was a rush order because the convention we were going to was only a couple days away, but it's a simple project so it was easy. And I already had everything I needed (although I ended up using all of my brown sculpey because I didn't have much left! Time to shop for more!)

I was taking pictures and updating him on my progress (because it was turning out so well, and I was excited to try out using extruded polystyrene) so that's probably the only reason I even have these pictures. Usually I'm so in the zone that I don't stop to take pictures.

If you have any questions about steps I didn't elaborate on enough, or anything I missed, or anything else, I'll be glad to answer them!
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May 29, 2014
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