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Hey guys!

Anyone here play Pokemon Shuffle?

They just added a friend system into the latest update and I'm a bit of an addict on the game. LET'S BE FRIENDS!!! :D

Here's my Friend Code:

so... um... :cough: we're launching a...


That's right! This is our first Giveaway, celebrating the over 1k subs we got from 2015, so we're tentatively starting out with 10 lucky winners with prizes like Oops printed issues, graphic novels, and 1 crochet doll!!! AH!

Crochet Oops Dolls!

Capture by Gingco      Capture2 by Gingco

Printed Issues!

Books by Gingco

We're using to keep track of the logistics of this giveaway. Click the link below for 10 ways to gain entries into the giveaway.…

GiveAway end at the end of this month, the 30th. Also, there's term and conditions on the landing page that I typed out myself. hmm... perhaps I should just copy and paste it here?.... nah, it's standard stuff with a humorous wit behind it.

Tap by Gingco

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 begins!

What is Tapastic Winter Fest 2015, you may ask?

Tapastic Winter Fest is a big comic collaboration event between 25 webcomic creators on Tapastic, that decided to get together and do something crazy for the holiday.

Our idea: To take over the Tapastic website. :dramatic lightning:

No, no, our idea is to have a bit of fun and throw all our comic characters into this multidimensional holiday winter market where readers of the series can enjoy seeing their favorite characters mingle and spread some holiday cheer.

We also hope to introduce readers to new series by having the episodes released in a new series daily and create a more interactive reading experience.

The episodes are set in the Tapastic Mutliverse where all the comic characters from these 25 separate comic series are able to meet and mingle and share wacky antics as they try to deliver a mysterious present to some guy called Tapastic Mascot (never heard of him) by midnight Xmas Eve.

We release a new episode daily, like an advent calendar, all they way till Dec. 25th when a big finale episode will be released. Follow the adventure from start to finish and keep an eye out for hidden Tapastic Mascots in each episode. The readers that can find them all will win a prize!

So with that, LET'S GET STARTED!

Dec 1st :: Undying Happiness by Zelkats

1 by Gingco

Dec 2 :: End. by Talissa

2 by Gingco

Dec 3 :: Doodle For Food by Nutmeg Mckay

3 by Gingco

Dec 4 :: The Satrians by Carodoodles

Dec 5 :: Time Gate: Reaper by UzukiCheverie

5 by Gingco

Dec 6 :: Leaves by LittleEndian

Dec 7 :: Demon House by Joanne Kwan

7 by Gingco

Dec 8 :: Haytham by Ana Karenina

8 by Gingco

Dec 9 :: Not Quite There by VeloursRose

9 by Gingco

Dec 10 :: Isaac at Life by Thefatzombie

10 by Gingco

Dec 11 :: Heroes of Thantopolis by Strontium

11 by Gingco

Dec 12 :: Apoppytheosis by Jocose Joni

12 by Gingco

Dec 13 :: Devil's Acres by Ratique

13 by Gingco

Dec 14 :: Echo by Getsuart

14 by Gingco

Dec 15 :: The Lonely Moon by Lira

 15 by Gingco

Dec 16 :: Oops Comic Adventure by CyndiFoster

16 by Gingco

Dec 17 :: Postcards in Braille by Kurisquare

17 by Gingco

Dec 18 :: Grassblades by Anna Landin

18 by Gingco

Thank you for following our crazy adventure and Happy Holidays!
Online-print-run by Gingco
More info on the Oops Comic Adventure Website!

We're throwing a special Oops Print Comic Sale!

Debuting Issue 4 is full COLOR!

Right Now, for a limited time, we’re offering signed copies of
• all four issues,
including 1 free mini comic,
and 1 free sketch card,
for $20 usd
plus shipping cost.

• Or a single signed issue
including 1 free mini comic
and 1 free sketch card
for $6 usd each
plus shipping cost.

With your support, profits will go towards coloring the rest of the Oops series.

Thank you so much for your support! <3

Come on in and check out the party here:

Over 30 indie webcomic artist drew their OCs getting their groove on for the event. Thank you so much guys <3

6acad6bcf17e520b by Gingco

I just realized my birthday is on Today O.O...

And I can't think of a better way to party than with my fellow comic creators! XD

  • Sketch your OCs (or yourself) dancing on the dance floor, singing karaoke, eating cake or just partying it up in their own style and post in online to celebrate.

  • Let me know you're partying and post a link to your sketch here in the comments.

  • Include a link to your webcomic site (if you have one or I'll credit your DA profile instead) with your sketch.

  • I'll include both your sketch and link on the Birthday Bash post on the website, my Tapastic wall, and all my social media sites.

Let's party Webcomic style! XD

450 11 by Gingco

You can see all 11 sketches on our Tapastic series here!

Thank you beautiful Tapastic peeps for your support! It means so much to Jeramy and I that you follow us on Tapastic and our Main Webcomic Site. And now with Tapastic’s Ad Revenue feature for creators, just stopping by and reading Oops can help fund our comic. Thank you so much for that as well, your viewership alone means everything! <3

I try to livestream at least once a week (they’re not all art request livestreams, those are special X3 ). If you’d liked to be notified whenever we go live, follow us on

Here’s to the next milestone to be reached!

Links to the peeps that participated in the livestream party today are: :iconrolicious:
Megan teaser by Gingco
"When Words Fail to Express..."

Check out this week's New Guest Comic by Megan McKay creator of ( ) :icondoodleforfood:

I love her bite size fun humorous gag strips. If you like witty humor, give Doodle For Food a try. Thank you so much, Megan!

We're both on Tapastic, too. With Taps new Ad Revenue Program, just stopping by and reading our comics can help support our work. :heart:
Doodle For Food:…
Oops Comic Adventure:

Untitled-1 by Gingco
You can follow our picarto livestream channel to receive an email notification every time we go live. (it's not very often maybe once a week)…

Have your art requests ready! Cuz I plan on sketching up a storm for you guys. Thank you for all the support, you beautiful people, you! Hug 
Db99e29f9402467ca5eadba9695605af by Gingco

Guest Strip: Wendy Martin :iconwendymartin: creator of Kappa

Week three of our Work-action! This last week has been crazy busy. Working on layouts for issue 5, mobile optimizing our official webcomic site, and preparing for Free Comic Book Day where we'll be tabling at two different stores. Thank you guest artist for helping us fill in the gaps while we work like crazy people to get the next issue ready. <3

This week's special guest splash page is by Wendy Martin! She is amazingly talented. Her comic is called Kappa Comic. If you like merfolk and a fan of aquatic worlds/creatures, it's a mandatory MUST that you read Wendy's comic.

Kappa is about kingdoms of Merpeople and their fight for survival against giant sea creatures and religious war. It follows the story of a fish boy named Kappa as he journeys through the Eastern seas looking for a home. Because of his strange, brightly colored tail, Kappa constantly attracts the attention of ocean predators, so no kingdom has ever accepted him into their territory. However, every encounter with a giant beast has taught him each creature’s weakness and unique ways of defending himself.

Thank you, Wendy! <3
Oh hey, check it!
The guest comic I did for Jax's comic Not Quite There has posted.

On the comic's Offical site at:
or on Tapastic at:…

Go show it some love, read all of NQT, and become a super fan of hers. Treat yourself to an awesome comic series, you know you deserve it. ;D

NQT horizontal-1 by Gingco
Hi guys,

Kappa Comic has posted a guest strip comic I did for the series. If you like merfolk and beautifully colored comics, you'll love :iconwendymartin:'s series Kappa, and now's the best time to catch up on it while she's between issues.

"[Kappa] comic is about kingdoms of Merpeople and their fight for survival against giant sea creatures and religious war.

It follows the story of a fish boy named Kappa as he journeys through the Eastern seas looking for a home. Because of his strange, brightly colored tail, Kappa constantly attracts the attention of ocean predators, so no kingdom has ever accepted him into their territory. However, every encounter with a giant beast has taught him each creature’s weakness and unique ways of defending himself."

I absolutely love this series for Wendy's beautiful coloring and interesting characters. Enjoy :D

Untitled-1 by Gingco
Kurisquare 4-10 teaser by Gingco

CHECK OUT :iconkurisquare:'s New Guest Comic Updated!
Both now uploaded to Tapastic and the main Oops site:…

See more of her lovely comic here: or

OMG! Check it out!

New guest comic strip I did for Megan ( :icondoodleforfood: ) is now on Tapastic at
And on Megan's webcomic site

Doodle For Food Teasr by Gingco
*Spoilers* it has something to do with coffee. ;)

Doodle for Food is a hilarious gag comic series that always makes me laugh. If you like laughing... (you like laughing don't cha?) You should check out Megan's great webcomic series. <3
Check out DomestiCats: by :iconshinepawart:

Teaser by Gingco

Hey guys, last week I did another fun guest strip for another one of my favorite Tapastic comic series, DomestiCats. If you love cats, you'll love DomestiCats. It follows the funny antics of two house cats Shiva (dark grey cat) and Bast (orange cat).

So glad I could help ShinePaw out with a guest strip as well as make a bit of fan art. <3

I've owned cats all my life and this is the first time I've actually put together a cat comic strip. And I consider myself a cat lady... tsk tsk on me. haha

Check out DomestiCats:
Omi by Gingco

"Everyone has a different way to see the world around them." - Kurisquare :iconkurisquare:

I'm a huge fan of Kuri's webcomic Postcards in Braille, so when she asked for artists to help with guest strips I jumped at the opportunity. If you don't know this webcomic yet, please check it out at ( ). It's a comic full of heart! Following Sigma (who's blind) and his day to day antics with his girlfriend, Xi, best friend, Rho, and Xi's best friend, Omi.

For this guest strip, I asked the question, "Do the blind dream? How do they experience dreaming?"

I did some research on how the blind dream, if they dream, what would it look like. Very fascinating stuff! Yes, blind people do dream in sounds, feeling textures, and smells. (Not the easiest things to convey in a visual medium) However, there's a theory that the blind can also dream in colors and shapes but have no idea what they're actually seeing or how to describe it to a scientist. So for my guest strip I decided to convey Sigma's dream through a kaleidoscope of colors animated gif and ambiance sounds of voices with soundcloud.

I guess, everyone has a different way to dream as well. :)

You can see the full guest strip on Kurisquare's comic series here:
Over on, Jeramy and I teamed up with David, of DaneMen comic series, to create a guest strip for his comic series in anticipation for his upcoming new series Danetropolis.

We had a great time working together with David and I think we've created a very special treat for our readers. Feel free to check it out at the link below:

daneMen by Gingco

"Don't Make Phone of Me" on
We 8 tiny artists want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Teaser by Gingco

Jeramy and I, along with 7 other of our friends on Tapastic, got together and made this fun collaboration piece to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We invite you inside from the snow and cold for a jolly time and fresh baked cookies.

In the comic description on the bottom of the page is a full list of links to all the comics that participated in the Christmas collab. They're all great fun comics, with beautiful artwork, great humor, intriguing stories, and I high recommend each one.

Merry Christmas to all!

Links to the artists in the collab:

Singmire Haze

Heroes of Thantopolis

Not Quite There


Grapple Seed

Postcards in Braille

and Oops Comic Adventure

christmas FB banner by Gingco
Patreon Image 714x402 by Gingco

Oops Comic Adventure is now on Patreon. It's a great way to get involved in the creative process through helping us where we need it the most. We've set up fun rewards with tiers to match any budget, (no matter what you pledge, you'll get something in return!). Thank you very much for reading our comic and wanting a way to get more involved.…

Street Rat Supporter:

  • A big ol' sappy thank you. Every bit counts!
  • Early access to the weekly comic page release, with bragging right that you got to see it first.

Actual Rat Supporter:

  • All the above
  • And we'll add your name to our Supporter's Page on the Oops Comic Adventure website.

Blacksmith Supporter:

  • All the above
  • And access to monthly released time lapse videos of us creating a comic page.

Scholar Supporter:

  • All the above
  • And access to monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Google Hangout.

Knight Supporter:

  • All the above
  • And each month we'll send you an unique Digital Art print.

Gryphon Supporter:

  • All the above
  • With each new Issue release, we'll send you a Package o' Art. Package includes:
    • A signed and numbered printed copy of the new comic issue
    • A personal thank you note from one of our three cats (signed with a paw print)
    • An Oops Art Print
  • And a monthly Digital Commission Sketch of your favorite Oops character or a cool sketch of you riding a gryphon.

Hec Hound Supporter:

  • All the above, Street rat to Knight level.
  • With each new Issue release, we'll send you a Box o' Art. Box includes:
    • A signed and numbered printed copy of the new comic issue
    • A personal thank you note from one of our three cats (signed with a paw print)
    • An Oops Art Print
    • A framed traditional art piece of you choice! (you're own characters, riding a gryphon, anything goes)
Issue 4 starts releasing tonight on the Oops website, Link Here!

I'm so excited to share this cover with you guys. Our Guest Cover Artist for Issue 4 is the amazingly talented Tiina Purin. Check out her FB page and give her a like at Dragondust Studios. Or follow her on Deviant Art :iconmirroreyesserval:.

Every issue covers for Oops is very special. The theme of Oops Comic Adventure is friendship and learning the true meaning of family. In the spirit of that, each issue cover is illustrated by one of our great friends. Thanks you guys for lending us your talents.

There’s a lots to look forward to in issue 4. Not giving too much away, but we get to see what lays beyond the city of Castlebury, meet some new characters, and find out what’s going on with the newly demoted Chief of Knights! Every Saturday check the Oops website for a new page from Issue 4.

Here's a teaser image of the cover. Go to the website to see it in its full glory!…
Teaser Image by Gingco
As thanks to everyone to our readers that follow us on facebook, Jeramy and I made a time lapse video on us working on a page from the not yet release Issue 4 comic. But just because it's on Facebook, doesn't mean you guys can't see it. Check out the link below to see our video and while you're at it follow us on Facebook for more up to date posts.…

Enjoy and remember, you guys rock!