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Mega-Crossover: Merry Christmas! by Gingacreator Mega-Crossover: Merry Christmas! :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 5 3 SU Trainers: White Diamond by Gingacreator SU Trainers: White Diamond :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 7 10 SU Trainers: Blue Diamond by Gingacreator SU Trainers: Blue Diamond :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 7 3 SU Trainers: Yellow Diamond by Gingacreator SU Trainers: Yellow Diamond :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 8 0 SU: Once in a Lifetime by Gingacreator SU: Once in a Lifetime :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 8 3 C: BOT (alternate) pg. 71 - 72 by Gingacreator C: BOT (alternate) pg. 71 - 72 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 1 2 C: BOT (Alternate) pg. 70 by Gingacreator C: BOT (Alternate) pg. 70 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 1 0 Sardonyx Tonight W. Discord! by Gingacreator Sardonyx Tonight W. Discord! :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 6 6 C: BOT (alternate) pg. 69 by Gingacreator C: BOT (alternate) pg. 69 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 2 2 C: BOT (alternate) pg. 68 by Gingacreator C: BOT (alternate) pg. 68 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 2 4 C: BOT (alternate) pg. 67 by Gingacreator C: BOT (alternate) pg. 67 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 4 0 C: BOT (alternate) pg. 66 by Gingacreator C: BOT (alternate) pg. 66 :icongingacreator:Gingacreator 2 0
Crossover Together S2Ep13 - Gaijou Invasion
Late autumn. The leaves amongst the trees at Fugato Pass show the true signs of the changing seasons, turning from green to the colors of yellow, orange, and red. Some had even fell from the trees already, littering the cold ground of the forest floor. Many birds had migrated away already, though some who don't migrate still try to gather what food was still available to them. Rodents still scurried amongst the bush, trying to find seeds and small scraps of food. And for one retriever roaming the forests, it was no different. In a quick jump and bite, Mel had caught his catch - in this case, it was a decent sized rat - and was soon starting on back to his home at Gaijou.
"Good. This will be nice for Smith-San," Mel thought, as he trotted back to Gaijou. As far as activity had been with the Ohu army, it had been a bit lack luster; not much action for the dogs to really face. Mel was finding it a bit boring, but a change of pace over fighting demon after demon back with the 3-E. All the
:icongingacreator:Gingacreator 0 0
Crossover Together S2Ep12 - Eclipsed PT2
Now inside the Main Building of Yunibasaru, Houndoom was leagues ahead from Gaara and Jerome, and he can handle himself within the room. The window he gotten himself into was empty for the moment, so no immediate alarm for that as of yet. Strange how much had happened within just an hour of time, and Houndoom was making express time with his goal. With his pack out of the way, seemingly finishing their job, Houndoom now just had to see Giratina and figure out what next. He wasn't in the correct room though, so he had to make tracks.
"Alright, Giratina, I'm back! Where are ya?" Houndoom called out, awaiting for Giratina to come on over to him. It took a minute or two, but eventually he heard the door open up, and the very man in question went on inside, happy to see him.
"Excellent, Houndoom. Did you handle Korosensei?" Giratina asked. Houndoom licked his muzzle.
"Done and done, sir. That coward got himself stuck in his absolute defense now. Should be out of the way until tomorrow," Hou
:icongingacreator:Gingacreator 0 0
Crossover Together S2Ep11 - Eclipsed PT1
The days came and went. Time was ticking. And for 3-E and its alien teacher, this was especially apparent. Korosensei was glad he had some time away from being a teacher for a while, and took to the mountains nearby the school. It gave him a better view of the area, and its own fall colors. Autumn had took its time, but it got its grip on the land in Tokyo nicely over the few days, with more leaves turning colors on the trees. Korosensei settled down happily in a lawn chair, drinking some delicious coconut milk, and watching the clouds.
"Finally. No bullets, no worries, no demons. It's about time I was given a break. And with Sakamoto taking my place, everything's right with the world," Korosensei sighed. It had been a little too long since Korosensei got some legit relaxation time since this assassin's game started. That, and way out here, he was pretty much safe from trouble. The clouds looked pretty lovely, and the forest plenty so. He had full confidence that nothing was gonna go w
:icongingacreator:Gingacreator 0 0
Crossover Together S2Ep10 - Isuzu
It was just an hour before sunrise, and in the forests near 3-E, Weed and Jerome were doing some cooperative hunting together. It was basically something they had plenty to do, and plenty of time for. Since it was early in the day, no people were around, so they had the area open for themselves. For Weed, it had honestly been quite a stay of surprises; the government and assassins and all that. It was rough enough on Weed to find the moon blasted to bits, but then there's Karasuma, Gaara, assassin training, and the fact Nagisa got himself away from the building? For the love of God, that was quite a lot to handle in just a few months. The strangest thing though was the lack of any true demon activity. Gaara may be a close second, but anything considered a demon hadn't exactly showed up to mess with anyone. Not that he wanted that to happen, by all means, but it was a bit peculiar. As the sun peeked over the mountains, Weed and Jerome had managed to catch a good ten birds for breakfast,
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AMG WG Story Chapter 1
Ah! Would you Love Me even if I was Fat?
By Dr-Black-Jack
Chapter 1
The first rays of the sun broke over the horizon. A new day was dawning over the Japanese town of Nekomi. The ground was white with newly fallen snow and the sense of the holiday season was in the air.
In a certain Tariki Hongan Temple, the members of the Morisato residence stirred from their slumber. Sunlight streamed in through the wooden shutter slats into the room of the earth bound goddess Belldandy. She rubbed her eyes as she propped herself up from her futon. A smile radiated from her finely formed lips as she greeted the new day.
After neatly folding her beddings, the young goddess gently removed her pajamas and carefully slipped her white long sleeved shirt over her slim frame; her gold bangles jingling. She smoothly pulled a navy blue skirt up her long and slender legs; her skin without a single fault and as white as whipped cream. Her golden brown hair cascaded down her back as she donned her blue and white
:icondr-black-jack:Dr-Black-Jack 85 17
Jakk, VOLT TACKLE -animated- by super-tuler Jakk, VOLT TACKLE -animated- :iconsuper-tuler:super-tuler 686 155 Terrible Terrameleon by electreel Terrible Terrameleon :iconelectreel:electreel 57 55 Change Of Costume by BeastGreen Change Of Costume :iconbeastgreen:BeastGreen 245 78 Porygon Z: Emotions by super-tuler Porygon Z: Emotions :iconsuper-tuler:super-tuler 433 114 Cambio Radical by BBWonder Cambio Radical :iconbbwonder:BBWonder 317 14
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Index-logo by Gingacreator

Everyone, I have an announcement to make! Just recently, I've been going on and learning about a particular program called Ren'Py. You're all free to look it up, but in case you don't know, Ren'Py is a sort of Visual novel/dating simulation program that people use, and has been around fairly recently. If that's still confusing to you, it's the program that brought this to life:
Doki by Gingacreator

I know, right? (It's the talk of the town right now, look it up)
Anyway, I just got the program today, and good news for me, it works out rather splendidly ^^ it runs smooth, no bugs in the program for what I see, and it seems pretty straight forward too in terms on how to use it. I'm still trying to figure out the tips and tricks of it, but I'll promise you this: I'm going to be making something out of this!
Share Steam Logo by Gingacreator
If I'm able to figure it out, I'll either put it up as a free-to-play game for Steam users, or just a game you can play with here. Either way, I'm not planning on putting it up for actual money, that would be selfish of me. I'm sure if Doki doki can be this popular for a free-to-play dating simulator (if you can call it that, that is), I might have a good shot at it.
I'm working on the script as we speak for my new game, and as it stands, it's got a long ways to go. I'm not going to put up any sort of teaser right now until I get at least past 50% of it (If any game says one thing, it's that this takes a long time to work with, one way or another).

As you can imagine, many games like these usually are anime-influenced, and as it stands, I'm not too good of an artist. At least when it comes to the anime designs when compared to other typical works. If you're an anime artist, and want to contribute some designs for this, I'll really appreciate it, though if you're not interested, that's okay too. :aww: I'm really only looking for character designers, honestly.

Well, wish me luck folks ^^


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi gang! I am the good GC (i would say great but im not the one of bragging XD) I have been fonded of the anime series.
I'm a creative digital artist, and love drawing :D

Things about me:
I love ginga
I can be kind of random sometimes
...I think that's it.
Deviants i know in real life:

1: :iconarmageddon-annie:



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