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Tutorial: Wig Clips

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[July 6,2011 - First submission was a bit confusing, so I edited the tutorial to make it easier to read. After all, English is read from left to right...]

Please note: The yellow wig not an Arda wig.
The black wig is an Arda Lulu.

Tutorial on wig clips.

Special thanks to my Squirtle plushie, who helped me keep a steady hand while taking the sewing photos.

I hope this helps!

[EDIT 02/03/2013]: Quite a few people have been wondering about how to keep their wigs on if they have very short and slick hair. I've thought of a suggestion, though have never tried it before. If you do decide to try out my idea, please do tell me if it works or doesn't work for you, since we're all learning :) : [link]
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Hello! I know that you made this tutorial years ago, but it is a really cool idea! I recomended this to my cosplay-partner cause she will cosplay Elizabeth from Black Butler, and this character has heavy ponytails, so my bro's wig slided back every 10 minutes on a fest! Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2]

Big-big thank you! Might add my review on this tutorial if we will try it! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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This is GENIUS. I'm always terrified of my wig slipping off, or it's just plain annoying to feel it constantly falling off, but this is the perfect solution! AMAZING tutorial! La la la la 
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I can't believe I've been wearing wigs all these years and completely forgot wig clips exist! Thank you for your helpful tutorial :)!
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I'm glad my tutorial was able to remind you about wig clips!  :D
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Neat, gonna try this one of these days
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Tell me how it works out for you!
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Just in the nick of time! My wig for an upcoming cosplay has two pigtails that reach down to my hips, so this will totally help! Thanks so much for posting!
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Glad you found the tutorial helpful.  Wigs with ponytails are such high maintenance, whether it's to keep them from tangling or keeping them on.  I hope the clips worked out for you!
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They worked out amazingly! They kept so many mishaps from happening while at the con.
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Hurray!  I am really glad to hear they worked great for you!  :D
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Awesome tutorial! Thank you very much for posting this! It will be very helpful!
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Yay, glad to hear you like it! :hug:
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Very much! <3
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i just did this to my new rhapsody wig , it was always falling off my head the wig allthough it had adjustablestraps is still to big for my head, thank you so much for this!! :D
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I'm glad to hear that the wig clips worked for you!
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thanks, very helpful
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You are Brilliant!
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Haha, thank you, I try! :hug:
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Really helpful, thanks!!
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Thank youuu~! I dindn't knew about these clips, they're wonderful!
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This tutorial is wonderful! I've got a question for you though: I have very short hair, and I'm afraid the wig clips won't have much to grab onto. If the clips simply grab the wig cap, won't the wig just tug the cap off as well?
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Yes, that is an issue that has been mentioned before, and I thought and searched for a very long time for a way to hopefully address it. Mind you, I haven't tried this method myself, but here it is:
You could sew a strip of any of the following three into the hairline part of the wig and then add in wig clips for additional grip:
- Gripper elastic/Elastic grippers - This is apparently the elastic that is used to hem the legs of bike shorts and form fitting running pants to keep them from riding up the legs during excercise.
- Silicone grip elastic - These are used in bra wings (the part of the bra that wraps around the torso), especially in strapless bras to prevent it from slipping down. I see these in the hems of bike shorts too.
- Waist gripper/gripper patches - These are sewn into the waist bands of pants and skirts to prevent a tucked in shirt from pulling out.

This is just a guess based on the descriptions and usages, but I personally think that you would have the best luck with silicone grip elastic, since it is designed to be used against (possibly sweaty) skin, and pretty much everyone sweats while at the con.

I hope this helps answer your question! If you ever try my suggestion(s), please drop by and say if they worked for you! I'm learning too XD
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