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I'm back from my unannounced break. 
I miss drawing 
I miss art 
I miss being truly happy.
But for the past couple months I haven't been happy so I haven't drawn.
I think it's because i'm not improving. 
that's my own fault... I should be practicing and I know that.
I think I've been depressed? maybe just exhausted I really cant tell.
Sorry I know a lot of people don't even look at my account anymore which is understandable...
I jut needed to let this out and DeviantArt has always been my outlet... 
okay anyway.. i'm back? yay! I've been looking at all my old friends art... it's so good and i'm super proud of them <3
someone should like make me a profile picture because... 
I'm lazy and need a new one and I've never been good at making profile pictures...
i'll ever ask nicely...
Pleaseeeeeee I'll uhhh draw you a taco??? maybe some fanart... just please draw me 
a Profile picture XD
O stole this from TNTiger 

- Pick 8 of your OCs. If you don’t have enough OCs borrow yer friends's char or whatever.
- Don't look at the [number]s in the question while picking the order of your characters.
- Link back to the blank.
- Have brains! Braaaaains...


Al-Fred (my angry gaybie)
2. Owen (my precious gaybie)
3. Bysen
4. Briley
5. Water
6. Emma
7. Jordan
8. Cass (she's German)


1. [1], [2], [5] and [6] was playing card inside a room when [3] frantically ran in, slammed the door shut, closed all of the windows and yelled that the zombie apocalypse had happened.
Al-Fred: wtf Brysen I was beating everyone's a$$

2. After checked the news, the group tried to put together a temporary zombie survival kit by items inside the room: a set of playing card, a coffee table, a tea set, four cushions, two empty plastic bottle, one bottle of pepsi (full), a piece of pizza, a box of tissue, a household electric floor fan, a TV, a PS4, a laptop, eight pens, a wooden hair comb, four window curtains, a life-size cardboard cutout of Daryl Dixon and a cat. Their cellphones had no signal and the lights just went out.
Water starts frantically putting all the stuff together making sure everyone is safe in the house...
Al-Fred continues "beating everyone's a$$" at uno...
Everyone is a little on edge but no one says anything

3. The group carefully went outside to find better equipment, armed mostly with their gut and whatever information they could find about the zombies on the Internet before the power fell. They faced their first zombie, a half-naked hot lady in a bathroom!
Briley closes her eyes not liking the naked lady. 
Brysen steps in front of her "protecting" her.
Water stumbles with her butter knife 
everyone else is shocked.

4. Phew! It stepped on a bar of soap and hit its own head. The group continued and arrived at a kitchen. [5] unknowingly stepped on a trap and found him/herself hanging upside down. When the group was struggling to take him down, a seemingly threatening guy/girl with an ax on hand entered the scene...
Water is surprisingly calm... she just tries to reassure everyone that it will be okay
Cass is cursing in German 
Jordan is running around frantically 
Emma can fly so she tries to get Water Down 

5. The ax guy/girl was [4] and he/ she was the one who set the trap. [4] claimed that he/she was testing out some zombie-catching method.
Everyone is slightly shocked by Briley's well made trap

6. Without warning, a big zombie - formerly football player - jumped out and attacked [5]. Before the group had a chance to react, [4] hacked its head off.
again everyone is shocked... except Water shes just proud of Briley

7. Impressed by [4]'s technique, [1] tried to convince [4] to join their group by telling a bunch sob stories about their dead friends and relatives.
Al-fred: "I know i called you a whiny little baby one time and i'm not nice but my boyfriend died-
Owen: what the hell i'm right here-
Alfred: Sometimes i can still hear his voice 

8. [4] agreed to join the group. As a gesture of peace, [2] invited him/her to try something he/she cooked him/herself (they were in the kitchen, after all).
Owen:  Any way... I made cookies!!! you look like you like cookies!
Briley: uh.. ohh.. umm

9. All feed and stock up on better weapon taken from the kitchen, the group resumed their tour. They came across three cheerleader zombies fighting a funny mascot. Deduced that someone alive was inside the suit, the group assaulted the cheerzombies.
Al-Fred: wtfz
Jordan: They're still kind of hot 
-everyone- wth is wrong with you??

10. [7] lifted up the head of the mascot suit and thanked the group. He/she discloses a notebook he/she found. It contains a hand-drawn map with an area marked as "Haz lezz zombiez!!".

Cass: No it isn't in German

11. A member of the group climbed up a tree and saw more and more zombies were approaching them, probably because their group was the largest group of yummy living beings around here. [4] declared that they should leave soon and pointed out a path to a military base on his/her map. 
Alfred: Damn girl... I have under estimated you.

12. When the group was running away from zombie and debating on which paths should they take, a huge advertisement board fell out of its pole for no reason other than the invisible force of the screenwriter. [4] pushed [3] out of the way.

Brysen: BRILEY NO!!!!!!!!

13. Injured at the legs at a result, [4] decided to give the group his/her map and stay behind, fight off the zombies to buy the group time. What did [4] say to the group before they were separated?

Briley: Brysen i'll be fine... you're always there for me let me do one last thing for you... oh and everyone else... thank you

14. The group escaped the zombie-infested ward. They examined the notebook they found and decided to check out the "Haz lezz zombiez!!" area first since it was close to [4]'s path anyway. Things seemed going smoothly. They easily defend themselves against the little among of zombie they met.

Owen: you literally cried because someone stepped on a leaf 
Brysen: I will kill everything... for Briley.

15. Unexpectedly, the group found themselves surrounded by many strange-looking zombie. Turned out the zombie in this area was different from the other zombies. They were faster, smarter and particularly deadly!

Jordan and Al-fred: Well shite
Water gets in her power stance.
Brysen goes bat shite crazy

16. Out of ammo, our survivors were cornered by the new zombie breed. The situation looked grim. [3] asked [6] to marry him/her.

Emma has barely talked to Brysen... she knows he is very caring... but she doesn't say yes ... instead she pats him on the back awkwardly as he mummbles something about trees and chocolate 

17. Suddenly, armed men with big guns and helicopters and stuff rushed in and killed every undeads in sight. [8], part of the armed troop, asked if our survivors are okay.

somehow Cass left in the middle of this and joined the army... no one is surprised 

18. The group was invited to the armed force's base. Due to limited space, there was only one rooms available for the group. It had a standard bunk bed and each mattress was barely enough for one person. Who spent the night on the floor that night?

Everyone voted Al-fred

19. [1] woke up early the next morning and went up to the terrace to get some fresh air. [1] met [8] there and [8] lent [1] a pair of binoculars to observe the scenery. [1] spotted someone - or something - that looked like [4] stumbling at the distance. 

Al-fred: I think its a duck...
Cass: you're holding them the wrong way..

20. [4] was getting closer and the armed force was ready to shoot the zombie. But [4] appeared to be a non-zombie. He/she was restrained just in case and taken inside.

Brysen has a mental break down and Emma tries to calm him down... 

21. Turned out that [4] didn't go zombie despite bitten multiple times because his/her body developed an immunity to the zombie virus. [8] informed the group that an injection can be developed by study [4]. It won't magically cure all of the zombies, but can prevent anymore people from getting infected. 

in the end Briley is obviously Bad a$$ and everyone already knew that except Al-fred.. cause hes a dick.

22. The apocalypse is over (for now)! Tag someone or show the [5] cleaning off the street full of dead dead bodies to end the meme:
why does Water have to clean everyone's mess wtf
Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Tagged by MrBoogerLip to do Briley

1- Briley's natural hair color is strawberry blonde. Her hair color now is uhh very unnatural and would look stupid if someone irl had it... but Briley looks cute with anything sooo yea.

2- the only thing her and her brother have in common are their bright green eyes.

3- Briley in her original design could transform into a bunny... glad I changed that... now she has a pet bunny as a tiny little jab at her original design.

4- her original name was Button... not a terrible name but I like Briley better

5- a lot of people might think Briley is short... but I actually imagine her to be around 5'7-5'9

6- she is very close to her brother Brysen. They both heavily rely on each other when it comes to personal problems.

7- She was originally very very very shy but now she is more open... she is just very quiet and enjoys being by herself.

8- her favorite music genre is classical music but she also enjoys punk rock

Ehhh I don't like tagging people... so do it if you want???
tagged by... no one! I stole it mwahahahaha. ( MrBoogerLip )
  • dA Username: GinaTheTaco

  • Name: Gina... wow bet you didn't see that one coming 

  • Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Gina... G... idk honestly
  • Country: United States

  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 


  • Number of Past Accounts: 1
  • Number of Past Usernames: 2

  • First Username: Waterpainter1144

  • Original Join Date: July 26, 2013
  • Premium Member?: I have been before

  • Watchers: 107 ^v^

  • Deviations: well from both accounts I have 437 all together

  • Favorites: also a combination from both accounts 2,499


  • Favorite Digital Art Program: well when I used my computer it was Paint Tool Sai
    but since I use an I Pad Pro now my main art program is ProCreate    

  • Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Colored pencils
  • Favorite Movies: Avengers... Holes...uhhhh Tangled...I really don't watch movies XD
  • Favorite TV Shows: Star Vs the Forces of Evil, The Walking Dead, Dr.who,Sherlock ,Supernatural, Flash, SuperGirl,
  • Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Fort Minor, Linkin Park , Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • Fandoms You're Stuck In: Dr.who,Sherlock ,Supernatural, Hamilton,In The Heights, Harley Quinn.... those are fandoms right XD


  • Sexual Orientation: Straight... totally would go gay for Harley Quinn though XD

  • Religious Affiliation: Christian... but i'm chill I swear

  • Pets: 3 dogs. Mia, Shelby, Fiyero 

  • Number of Family Members in Household: 4 (7 including dogs)
  • Scars? yeah from shaving and running into things XD i'm clumsy
  • Tattoos? nope
  • Piercings?...ears?
  • Alcohol? no
  • Drugs? nopeeee
  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: below 110 I think I really don't know


  • Digital or Traditional? digital 
  • Beach or Mountains? beach
  • Dolphins or Sharks? either
  • Would you rather fight 100 third graders or one at a time? might as well get it over with
  • On sunny days, you: sleep

  • On rainy days, you: sleep more
  • On hot days, you: sleep
  • On cold days, you: sleep with extra blankets


    1. i'm sarcastic
    2. i like fashion a lot but i usually just wear jeans or shirts with a t-shirt and flannel and converse XD i'm pretty basic tbh
    3. im insecure about a lot of things 
    4. i'm a natural brunette i dyed my hair blonde only so i could cosplay Harley Quinn XD 
    5. i hate ground beef
    6. my only fear is that people will forget about me 
    7. i loveeeeee the color purple but i wear red a lot 
    8. kitkats are the love of my life
    9. i get lonely a lot even though i have a lot of great friends 
    10. I enjoy romance but I don't like PDA when its directed towards me (except piggy back rides and hugs from my S.O... but i dont have a S.O so yea no PDA for me)  


  • How many OCs do you have? 

  • What fandom do most of them belong to? way to manyyyyy

  • Which one is your favorite? Briley, Water,Emma, Dylan, Brysen and Owen

  • Which one do you draw the most? Briley

  • Do you request work of them? no but i wish more people would make fanart of them

  • Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? I ship Briley with Tony as a kind of inside joke XD other than that i maily just shp my OCs with my other OCs

  • Do you roleplay with them? i haven't role-played in 3 years

  • How do you keep track of them? i really don't tbh

  • Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? heck yea i'd make all of them real 


  • When did you get into art? ohhhhh ummmm i guess when my parents handed me paper and a crayon? i really don't know

  • What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?  DA and Disney create (r.i.p DC)
  • Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand. I GUESS I DREW BRILEY BEFORE BRILEY EXSISTED  by GinaTheTaco
    yikes its not even the oldest drawing....
  • What defines your artistic style? errrrr idk cartoony i guess?

  • What levels of artistic education have you had? HAAAAaHAAAhahaaaaahhhhhaaaa none
  • What do you like most about your art? that i have improved a lot

  • What do you like least about your art? fingers and bodies in general

  • Have you ever considered taking commissions? haha yea... no one wants to commission me ;-;

  • Are you looking to pursue a career in art? i'd like to 
  • What do you like drawing the most? hair and eyes
  • What do you like drawing the least? fingers
  • Do you draw more fanart or original art?  original art

  • What would you absolutely refuse to draw? furries XD sorry Kelly

  • What is your purpose for drawing? for fun i guess
  • What medium/program do you use the most in your art? ProCreate

  • List at least one of your “art inspirations.” Candi-floss 
  • What do you think you could stand to improve on? everything
Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Tagged by TNTiger 
 to do any character (I always do Briley so i'll do Water this time)

1- I created "Water" when I was 8 years old. my original username was 'waterpainter1144' and I was so creative... I just named her Water
2- for some reason when i made her i thought it would be a great idea if she was 16... again i created her when i was 8. I've changed her age a couple times but I've decided 14-16 is probably the best estimation... she doesn't really need a set age honestly XD 
3- I know water is a stupid name... I've contemplated changing it to Aqua... but it's been 'Water' for so long... so I made her middle name Aqua XD 
you can call her either... i don't care honestly.
4-  she was originally my persona... but she has kinda just slowly turned into my second most used character (1st being Briley)
5- if Water had a theme song i think it'd have to be [link] I just love the beat and Ironically one of the artists names is 'OpenWater' its just a very interesting song and it starts off kind of slow and quiet and then it gets really upbeat and i dunno something about it makes me think of Water
6- Water owns a home where she lets teens that have ran away for good reasons and teens who have no other place to go live with her. 
Her home is actually just for girls but Dylan... Water's cousin has a neighboring house that is just for boys. no one knows where they get the funding but psshhhhh who cares this is a different universe sooooo
7- Water is the queen of puns nuff said.
8- my really good friend Tony made a short comic staring water and the rest of my characters and its really cool so check it out!…

I dont know who to tag so uhhh go crazyyyyy XD 
I kinda broke my middle and ring finger... so I won't be posting art for a little but ;-;
I feel like the people I use to talk to on here kinda uhh... just stopped talking to me... and I Just want more friends on here XD
I  have like 1 amazing friend on DA ( Shout out to Vectony XD) so uhhh... please be my friend i'm desperate. I swear i'm a cool person.. ask Vectony...
HahaI kinda talk to people when they comment on my art... but please note me please just talk to me wow I sound kinda pathetic XD 

... I overuse the 'XD' emoticon... that's probably why I have no friends...

okay uh bye... Please be my friend
I will be doing a lot of re-designs of my OC's to keep me busy.
also new year new looks amirite.
I am taking suggestions.
On any OC any even Water my main OC.

I love water... but I think I need to change somethings...
but you can suggest any character i have.
it doesn't have to be water...
I also may be "selling" some characters... 
we'll see
I need inspiration sigh 
I had church,and homework, and other stuff to do tonight so Today's Drawing will most likely not be up today
sorrrrryyyyy <3
UMMMMM  SO I FOUND THIS PICTURE FROM LIKE FOREVER AGO AND I GUESS I DREW BRILEY? BUT LIKE BRILEY WASN'T CREATED UNTIL WAY AFTER WTHHHHH im sorry its like midnight rights now and I was looking through a old art folder on My computer and stumbled upon this monstrosity.
Welp looks like briley is my original character wow I GUESS I DREW BRILEY BEFORE BRILEY EXSISTED  by GinaTheTaco

I know it's super early to be thinking about Halloween especially since Halloween is 3 months away! However this year I'll be creating my costume just like last year when I went as Princess Zelda, but unlike last year I'll be planning ahead and the costume won't be so rushed!

Sadly I'm short on ideas... So please comment some ideas!
You can give more than one idea and try to be creative 

yeet this is my youtube channel soooo yeah check out this video i made :3
My commissions are open ^^;
i'm pretty sure my memebership is gonna expire soon, and i'd like to keep it
so the points would really help~
i'm also in a Art-block and maybe if some 
lovely people request a commission
it'll give me something to do :D 
uhhh i'm not begging or anything 
this (if anything) is more
of a reminder 
well anyway byeeeee
Tagged by :icondapsalotsama:

Answer the questions below as your character
Other than that, have fun!

1. Okay to start off with, what is your name?

Al-Fred (also forgot the last name so gonna make up one) 

2. Male or Female?

Male, not that it matters...

3. How old are you?

*rolls eyes* 17 

4. Nice, so a nice simple question, what is your favorite color?

Red, what is up with these stupid questions... wait why am i ever here.

5. What is your fighting style and or weapon of choice?

Fists. weapons are for wimps.

6. Cool, alright so what do you do for a living?

I dunno sports *rolls eyes*

7. So what is your favorite thing to eat/drink?

what is this, umm if you must know. Pizza and Mt.Dew

8. What do you hate?

these questions, oh and Gina shes annoying

9. Do you love someone?

uhhhhh no.

10. What do you believe is the best way to a man's/woman's heart?

I dunno i don't believe in that crap.

11. Do you hate anybody?


12, What are your hobbies?

being sarcastic.

13. What do you think of your creator?

pssssssshhhhhhhhhhh she annoying, she can't draw eyes right. YO GINA eyes aren't that big!

G:well thay are smaller then your ego but bigger then your IQ... so

14. What is your accent/Nationality?


15. What's your favorite animal?

this is a stupid question, um a duck *rolls eyes*

G: you know if you keep rolling your eyes-

you know Gina i really don't care.

16. Do you have a family?


17. Do you like said family?

 they ight,

18. Summer, winter, spring or fall? And why?


19. Money or love?

errrr, money

Gina: *whispers* loveeeeee

I will kill you.

20. Morning or evening person?


21. Favorite film genre?


22. Favorite music?


Gina:He loves taylor swift.

Gina i swear to god.

23. If your lover/friend/associate was captured, what would you do?

i mean if i did love someone, i'd be mad and destroy who ever captured them.

24. What's one thing about you a lot of people wouldn't know?

I have a heart... *long silence* 

G:*long silence* 

Both: *laughing*

G: wow thats a good one.

25. Final thoughts?

this sucked.
Tagged by :icondapsalotsama:

Answer the questions below as your character
Other than that, have fun!

1. Okay to start off with, what is your name?

Emma (uhhh i had a last name, but i forgot XD)

2. Male or Female?


3. How old are you?


4. Nice, so a nice simple question, what is your favorite color?


5. What is your fighting style and or weapon of choice?

 well i have a cool tail thing that can electrocute things, but my wings are cool 

6. Cool, alright so what do you do for a living?

Ballet is fun, but i also have to deal with my ~demons~ but that's more of a chore 

7. So what is your favorite thing to eat/drink?

hmm on my planet theirs a thing called a Gloxady but that's called a blueberry on earth so ~BlueBerries~

8. What do you hate?


9. Do you love someone?

All my friends, but water is my closest friend

10. What do you believe is the best way to a man's/woman's heart?

excepting someones flaws.

11. Do you hate anybody?


12, What are your hobbies?

same thing i do for a living

13. What do you think of your creator?

 who the evil one or Gina? Evil one can die in the fiery pits of asgard~ as Gina would say Gina, shes the Taco unicorn queen shes great.

14. What is your accent/Nationality?

uhhhhhh well i come from a planet of nature and beauty, but my accent is what people call, "British" not sure what that is but it sounds epic~

15. What's your favorite animal?

 Narwhals, oh or birds

16. Do you have a family?

I do!

17. Do you like said family?

 of course! they are a little weird though~

18. Summer, winter, spring or fall? And why?

 fall, lots of colors

19. Money or love?

what is MON-EY

20. Morning or evening person?

both i love sunsets and sunrises~

21. Favorite film genre?

Film? uhhh i saw something called a movie once...  is that a film? if so i like CareBears

22. Favorite music?

music... music... uhh i like rap music~

23. If your lover/friend/associate was captured, what would you do?

well i'd be angry and i when i'm angry amy is very powerful so, uhhhh never mind

24. What's one thing about you a lot of people wouldn't know?

amy is my shadow / Demon that never leaves my side, she can't talk.. while i'm awake atleast...

25. Final thoughts?

THIS WAS COOL, oops caps lock sorry ^^;
I MADE ONEEEEEEEE ummmmmmmmm yeah... so follow me? it's gonna be different from how i am on DA so be warned...…
1. this unicorn cusses like a sailor... but Not on DA so uhhh lol Surprise?

2. i only like Chicken tacos... ground beef isn't good in my opinion

3. When I first started DA i only used bases, but slowly gained confidence and drew stuff myself

4. I can actually be Fashionable, but i do like a good pear of sweats

5. I like to switch from Traditional to Digital alot but mainly traditional

(Bonus: I suck at making poses) 
and thats all she wrote.