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New Species  by GinaTheTaco New Species  by GinaTheTaco
Ok so, in science we had to create a species that lived in a made up biome, the biome I got was a freezing cold place with snow covered boulders all around, not much plants grow except a crystal like gray and a light pink flower that grows once a year in May.
(Also in the "summer" it actually gets Colder) and anyway we had to base are species off how it'd survive and all that jazz so I'm made this beautiful creature...

This is what the paper says incase you can't read it

Horn is used for many things
。radiates heat in extreme weather condition
。protection (Rams like a rhino)
。attracts animals
(Like a moth to a light)
Fun fact: the extra thorn like things on the horn is so when it attacks the animals they cannot escape easily. ( but it can retract the "thorn" like features)

Rolls around in the snow or in shallow water during the warmer Seasons.

Width of hooves:
8-11 front and back hooves

Length of Front hooves:
Usually 10-15 inches so when they are climbing boulders they can pull them selfs up.

Length of Back hooves: usually 9-11 inches and are smaller than front hooves so when climbing boulders they can easily keep balance in-between the boulders

It has a Short tail
So it doesn't get stuck in between the boulders

Sharp canine teeth for meat
Flat teeth for plants

Baby fluffies are not born with
-a horn
-white fur coat
-blue eyes

( and here's some extra stuff I haven't put on the paper

Fun fact baby fluff a corns are not born with a white fur coat instead they are born with a silky rainbow fur coat and are easily spotted so mother fluffies have to hide them under boulders (like Patrick's house ok?)
Another fun fact there eyes don't turn to a vibrant blue until there young adults
Also they are not born with horns and when there horn is developing there rainbow coat is disappearing)

Also it burns the insides of the animal with its horn but that's a little grusome to put in a school project

And so I may have over thought this whole thing... For a school project... But hey what can I say XD

I have a feeling that I'll have to add more stuff to it on later, but atleast I had fun

(Species belongs to me do not use without permission)
Vectony Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting creature do you catch it?.. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
GinaTheTaco Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
With a very big... Fly swatter
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