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Eeyore Stages

Eeyore cake stages.........

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It looked like you were going to make Max Rebo from Max Rebo's Band in Star Wars Return of the Jedi
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Hi Gina, love the cake!!! I have been asked to do a Eeyore cake for a 1st birthday so I google imaged it ;0) so glad I found your cake and this site. I noticed you said you covered it completely in fondant, how did you smooth the ears and arms so well against the main part of the cake?? They look seamless! Which I thought is only possible with modelling chocolate, is there a secret to it as I have never managed it..???

Thanks, Kim xx
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Hi Kim,

....Firstly, thankyou! Considering I only have the image on this website, it seems to have had a bit of interest outside of it.

I keep meaning to have  go at modeling chocolate. It looks like you can do a lot of detailed things. 

.....anyway, I use boiling water and a paint brush. I got to the point that I couldn't get the sugarpaste/fondant as smooth as I wanted and didn't want any joins to be seen. It is risky though with getting it too wet/not wet enough, but I started this one early enough to re-ice if needed.

Is that one of your cakes picture on you home-page Kim?
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Thank you for your answer, I'll do a test join before I start.

yes that is my cake, it went on top of a 2 teir cake for my friends little boys birthday, he didn't want to eat it bless him, I should have used styrofoam instead of cake so he could have kept it :0) 

I'll let you know how Eeyore went 😊
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That's the only reason I got into cake....for the kids. They are so genuinely happy and amazed that it's a cake, and can remember that, over any presents they got :)

Its a shame that I couldn't link you to the process of the cake. I uploaded day-by-day photo's with explanations and difficulties I occurred. I had to delete them as a woman used the finished design to advertise a tuition DVD along with other peoples cakes and was charging $50. Thankfully due to people who know my work on dA I had someone message who recognised it, and I let the website know who took it down and banned the user.

......anyway, yes please.....let me know how you get on. If theres anything else you'd like to ask, don't hesitate. I've got a fb account if that's easier for you message rather than keep logging in to deviantart :)
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Thanks, I have just sent a friend request ;0)
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....just accepted. You make it my 29th friend I think :lol:
Beautiful cake. Wondering how you carved the head? And are the arms fondant?  Thank you for any and all help.  Have never carved something like this before, and wondering where to start.  
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 Firstly, thankyou :)

And the head was carved as I went along. I had to judge the shape and hoped the structure would hold up as I didn't use a support rod through the middle.
This cake was made over three or four days. This was so everything had a chance to settle and harden as I went along which helped the cake keep it's shape.

...and yes, the arms are fondant.

Hope this helps, and I will be glad to help more if you need it.
Thank you for the info.  I stacked and froze my cake a few days ago, and I am just gun shy to make the first cut.  I am just not sure where to start the cutting.  If you have any more advice that would be great.   I did tell my daughter if I screwed it up she would get eeyore's tail.   She just laughed and said fine.  S at least I have a back up plan.  Thanks again!! 
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Sorry for the late reply....up to my eyeballs in cake :lol:'s really a matter of shaving a bit off at a time and seeing what you can get it down to. It
helps to make it slightly thinner than the character your making as the icing plumps it
out a bit. Theres been loads of times I've carved it exact, and after covering with icing, the end result looks tubby :)

Hope that helps, and good luck. Let me know how you get on.
Hello first of all you this is adorable.. Can you please tell me how you carved the head?

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...and I have sent you a reply. If I can help you with anything else, just ask :)
Can you explain how the head is supported please? I'd like to do this for a belated birthday cake for myself!!! Hahaha, too close to Christmas for more cake and sweet stuff so doing end of this month instead! Plus would it work as a choc fudge? Thank you in advance. Hope this works it's my first comment on deviant!!!!!! 
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Hi :)

....and I didn't use a support for the head. As it was a one-off, I carved and shaped as I went along. I thought that if the head was

unstable, I would use a support rod. It supported itself quite well as I layered the icing on. I made this over 3 or 4 days so that each stage of covering had a good chance

to set a bit.

...and do you mean if the cake would work as chocolate fudge?

I'm so happy I found this site, and found your amazing work!
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Awww....thankyou ^^

..and thankyou very much for the watch and faves! :)
This may be a silly question but interessted in how you made this cake and just wondering how you access the scrapbook
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No....that's ok :)
If you click on gallery on my home-page, on the top left hand corner it has browse and scrapbook.
If there is anything I've not explained, feel free to ask.
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Wow... this looks so tasty :D How do you manage not to disturb the cake itself while covering it with the marzipan?
ginas-cakes's avatar just being really careful....but I uses roll out icing/fondant to cover it as it's softer, and dries firm...:)
I just absolutely love Eeyore and you really did him justice! What an Amazing Cake!!
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Thankyou very much...:aww:
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