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Patrick Stump in Fall Out Boy by Figure102 Patrick Stump in Fall Out Boy :iconfigure102:Figure102 457 75 Fall Out Boy lions by Emo-Hellion Fall Out Boy lions :iconemo-hellion:Emo-Hellion 416 68 Peterick  by Frerarderianstvo Peterick :iconfrerarderianstvo:Frerarderianstvo 3 0 2005 by l3gs 2005 :iconl3gs:l3gs 3 2 I ship too many bandom pairings HELP by MissKIAngela-101 I ship too many bandom pairings HELP :iconmisskiangela-101:MissKIAngela-101 6 73 Just what summer (of like) meant to you by MissKIAngela-101 Just what summer (of like) meant to you :iconmisskiangela-101:MissKIAngela-101 7 0 flower child by Verlidaine flower child :iconverlidaine:Verlidaine 904 37
the MCR pledge
The My Chemical Romance Pledge
*put your right hand over your heart and repeat after me.*
I pledge to love my chemical Romance with all my heart for all of eternity.
I promise to stay sober and make Gerard proud.
I swear that they'll never take me alive.
I promise that I will carry on, because that's what Mikey would do.
I swear that I will protect my love from everything, even vampires.
I promise that I will be honest about my feelings, because that's what Frank does.
I swear to march in the black parade proudly when my time comes.
I promise to do what I love and work hard at it, because that's how Bob rolls.
I swear that my last words will be Epic and memorable.
I promise to proud of who I am, because Ray is.
I swear that I will not go down alone.
Because I have my chemical romance to remind me that I will never be alone.
I pledge my undying support, my undying love and my undying respect to them because they will lead me through the dark.
I pledge to forever march among the ranks of
:iconhershey-tama:hershey-tama 104 46
How to write a FallOutBoy song
1. Make a list of metaphors, similes, and phrases that just sound cool to you. They don't have to be particularly deep, but it helps if it makes people scratch their heads and go "Whuh???"
We're friends when you're on your knees
Take our tears, put them on ice
Light a match to leave me be.
Drink down that Gin and Kerosene,
And come spit off bridges with me,
Just to keep us warm.
The best part of "believe" is the "lie"
We're the chemists

2. Find some way to connect the phrases you've written. But if you can't, that's okay. Move on to the next step.
3. Pick and piece the phrases together so that they sound appealing to the ear. They can rhyme, but it isn't absolutely necessary. It helps.
Drink down that Gin and Kerosene,
And come spit off bridges with me,
Just to keep us warm.
Light a match to leave me be.
Light a match to leave me be.

Congrats! You've now written one verse of a Fall Out Boy song.
4. Repeat the above, but use different
:iconochispiret:ochispiret 176 142
Champagne For My -Boy-friend
Pat’s POV
Everyone at New Trier High wanted to be Pete Wentz. No one really thought of it, acknowledged it, but Pete was popular in that way that never happens. He was popular in that genuinely likeable, good way. He knew everyone, and everyone knew him. He didn't discriminate, and he seemed pretty level-headed to me. I didn't really know much more, seeing as I hadn't met him.
The first time I met Pete, he was laying on the cold sidewalk right after he got jumped, an incident I had only caught the end of. Blood dripped heavily from his nose and into the white cracks of the sidewalk outside our rival school, Evanston Township High School. He had a black eye and split knuckles. I immediately rushed over, concerned.
"Are you all right?"
"Yeah." Pete replied and sat up. He tried to wipe away all the blood (though he failed horribly, considering the huge amount of the fluid) and held a hand to his nose to staunch the flow of any more. He tilted his head back.
"What hap
:iconbam-biatch:bam-biatch 19 60
Bonfire Time with Fall Out Boy by Chocoreaper Bonfire Time with Fall Out Boy :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 961 170
Embarrassing Fall Out Boy
“Another day, another show,” Pete muttered to himself as he clipped his body mic on. “This gets monotonous after a while…”
“What?” Patrick asked blankly, pausing his music and popping out one iPod earbud.
“Huh?” Pete grunted, glancing up at the angel-faced singer cocking his head at him curiously. An evil grin spread over Pete’s face as an idea bloomed in his head. Maybe this show wouldn’t be so monotonous after all…
“What’s up?” Patrick asked, his forehead creasing slightly. “You’ve got that evil look on again…you’re not going to jump off anything tonight, are you?”
“Oh, no,” Pete shook his head. “Of course not, Tricky. Why would you ever think I’d do something like that?”
Grinning maniacally, he breezed out the dressing room door and left Patrick standing by himself in the center of the room, confused as hell.
During the show…
:iconxhopelesslyxhopefulx:XhopelesslyXhopefulX 54 65
100 Fall Out Boy quotes
100 Fall Out Boy quotes
1. Someone's touching my back... and I'm not gonna look because I know it's not a hot girl.. Oh.. gross.
~Patrick Stump
2. I made you. I can break you.
~Pete Wentz
3. I live in a cave... in a van down by the river.
~Patrick Stump
4. For one dollar you can cover your wall in moss. All you need is some super glue.
~Joe Trohman
5. I wanna watch you burn alive.
~Pete Wentz
6. I'm going crazy!!
~Pete Wentz
7. Interviewer: We want to know how you write some of your lyrics. Care to share?
   Patrick: You know those word magnets on refrigerators?
8. Patrick: Go on. Make fun of me one last time.
    Joe: You eat poo for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Patrick: That's all you got? Cool.
9. Joe: I think you guys should get married [referring to Pete and Patrick].
   Patrick: We are.
10. I really like that kind of drumstick because they don't break in the middle of a show..
~Andy Hurley.
11. I pa
:iconfalloutgirl101:FallOutGirl101 606 152
FallOutBoy. by tienes FallOutBoy. :icontienes:tienes 9 2 I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Part II: Prom Fright by knameIess I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Part II: Prom Fright :iconknameiess:knameIess 70 21


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