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Wonder Woman

"On Themyscira, this is a LIGHT workout" 
Photo taken by Lawrence Brenner at Supermegafest 2013
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Really nice job with the outfit and doing the weight lifting really helps sell that she is a strong woman.
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Impressive B-) I love this WW cosplay.
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You must have got really strong for that.  Now, that's commitment! :D
Yeah, and on Themyscira, you should be able to lift that WHILE getting tickled under your arms. These amazons sure are badass...

Excellent pic nonetheless ;)
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"Things became somewhat tense at the assembly when the Themysciran ambassador demonstrated why the UN should take the Amazon proposal seriously..."
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thats so fun. great image
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Cool prop!  Definitely shows off WW's strength!  
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Gina B. You're My Kind A Wonder Woman!
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You're very Strong!  hehe
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Wonder Woman is one of my favorite DC characters, and you're doing a terrific job portraying her. Will we be seeing more pictures of this character in the future?
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Yup! I have a few that I am saving for a rainy day =]
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I love how you make this costume look, wasn't a fan of it when DC debuted it, still ain't a fan, but your depiction, and you alone, have made me accept it. Fantastic work. 
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Oh my, thank you for such a compliment!
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You are so very welcome. You really put your all into these roles, thank you for sharing your awesome work. 
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