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PUMPTHEJUICE RELEASE - new update && website

So we have released pumpthejuices new website and hope to get alot of new trafic, it is the combined portofolio / studio of Christian Werther & Mickey Switzer.

Our main competencer lies in websites/print/identity.

Creative minds think alike

Christian Werther & Mickey Switzer
Our website is now on it's own feet. We have been working hard on this project, and we both agreed it turned out pretty sweet, a combination of our artwork and professional makes the site look sexy ;)

News about Art,Clients & Everyday Life

Don't forget to check out PUMPTHEJUICE just realeased new,


Pumpthejuice is on air, 2009 on this beautiful day.
We've been working hard the last couple of months to make this site ready to launch.

We are still working on getting our own name out there, but we could still need your help.

A couple of weeks ago we had our logo on a presswall, we're working on stickers and you can expect some collaborations and other stuff coming up soon.
Pumpthejuice is all about freeflow, creativity and the ability to just move along with what we want. Artistic freedom and design in all color. No limits. No rules.
You're free to find us on facebook - click here to join
David Hasselhoff and Mr. T already joined us.

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Mon Jun 25, 2007, 4:12 AM

Jorunal #01
Journal Entry: Sat Dec 09, 2007, 2:23 PM

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My first Daily Deviation

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News and Upcoming
News about Art, Colabs, Forums and WhatSoEvery

Yeeha, 7000 pageviews, thank you everybody

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Don't forget to check out wm-studios soon realeasing v2,

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