:bulletgreen: Tutorials and Resouces:
Helpful GIMP tutorials, brushes, palletes...

:bulletgreen: Anime/Manga:
Includes Fan Art from manga/shows and original characters drawn in an anime style.

:bulletgreen: Humans/Anthromorphs:
Works including people and anthro-style art are welcome in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Animals:
Real or fictional painted/drawn animals including original characters that are not anthros belong in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Landscapes:
Seascapes, waterscapes, landscapes, space art and things of the like are welcome here.

:bulletgreen: Dark Art:
Macabre/horror, dark in general.

:bulletgreen: Surreal/Abstract:
Dreamlike surrealism and abstract paintings belong in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Photomanipulation:
Photographs that have been manipulated belong here. Photomanipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new.

:bulletgreen: Photography:
Photographs that have been enhanced and edited in Gimp.

:bulletgreen: Wallpapers:
Have you made a lovely wallpaper? We want to see it in here . :)
Make sure your wallpapers are in right wallpaper size.

:bulletgreen: Comics:
This folder is for comic and manga pages or strips made with Gimp.

:bulletgreen: Icon/Stamps/Emoticons:
Like it says icon, stamps, emoticons and similar stuff. Animated stamps also go here.

:bulletgreen: Animation:
Animated images that aren't stamps, icons and emoticons.

:bulletgreen: Typography:
Fonts, letter or word art.

:bulletgreen: Fractals:
Just as the name implies fractals belong in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Other Painting/Illustration:
Any painting/drawing that doesn't fit under anything else... like cars or buildings or still life stuff.

:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous:
Things that don't fit under any other categories.

If you by some accident submit to the wrong folder, withdraw your deviation and then submit again in the right folder.

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