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I need help. I am trying to make a border in an oval shape. But I want the line to go inward from the dashed line. How can I do that?
Thanks for the add.:)
Thanks for accepting me as your new member :)
Hey I have a question. I just figured out how to get sensitivity in gimp for the surface pro two tablet pc. Well the sensitivity only makes the brush fade in and out. How do I get the sensitivity to make the brush get thicker and thinner instead of fading in or out with more pressure? I know there are some setting that make it taper with how fast you move your brush, but I don't want that. I want it to get thicker and thinner depending on how I pick up or put down my pen. 

I know I posted this somewhere else, but I earnestly not trying to spam. I joined the surface tablet users group and well a couple of them just let this ask go down. Of course it was kind of a different question, but yeah. So kind of posting the same question in a few groups to see who answers. Sorry if that is a little bothering. I've had my tablet for a few months and none of the tutorials online covers what I need it to. 
It seems like this group is being very neglected.  Life has caught up with the original founders and it looks like a few have actually taken themselves off the Founders list.

I don't know if you got an answer to this but here are some links that may help:…
I actually ended up figuring it out. You have to install the wacom drivers. It'll run any wacom like device. Then you got to edit and input device. You enable both the devices drivers you just downloaded. 
Hi! I need a little help with gimp. It says I have msvcr110.dll missing from my computer? Can anyone help? Thanks!…